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Experts of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources Investigation Research Wochgi Agricultural Corporation Wen Guanguo Technology Promotion Demonstration Project

Release time:2024-06-07

    June 4,The Director of the Technology and International Cooperation Department of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources、First -level investigator Chen Yansong,The Minister of Development and Research of the Provincial Forestry Protection Development Center Xing Guangping and his party visited Shandong Vogh Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.,Special investigations and discussions on the implementation of the integrated cultivation technology promotion and demonstration project of intelligent drip irrigation and fertilizer of intelligent drip irrigation fertilizer。
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    The research team inspected the implementation of bet365 slotsthe project,bet365 login gamesDetailed understanding of Vogh Agricultural Corporation's protection and utilization in the crown fruit germplasm resources,Selection of New Good Selection、Fast complex technology、saline -alkali land governance、Sand prevention and sand、Scientific research progress in international cooperation and business expansion,combined with the actual situation of our province,Improve the transformation of the germ resource library、Talent Team Construction、Provincial scientific research platform declaration、Mine repair ecological industrialization development、High -value use of saline -alkali land、Forest production processing improvement and efficiency、Develop new forestry productive productive forces, etc. to make opinions and suggestions。
    Wen Guanguo Intelligent Drill irrigation fertilizer integrated cultivation technology promotion and demonstration project is the central financial forestry technology promotion bet365 login gamesdemonstration bet365 login gamesproject,Successfully passed the acceptance of the expert group at the end of 2023,The implementation location is located in the Grand Crown Fruit Gate of Shandong Vogh Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.,Construction of 300 acres of Crown Fruit Cultivation Demonstration Zone with integrated management of intelligent drip irrigation fertilizers。The implementation of the project has realized the precise irrigation and refined fertilizer of the crown fruit,greatly reduced the amount of water resources and chemical fertilizers during the cultivation process,It has reached saving resources、A good effect of saving manpower。Use intelligent drip irrigation and fertilizer integrated system for fertilization,Effectively avoid pollution of surface water and groundwater in chemical fertilizers,Prevent soil fertilizer from decline in soil fertility and decline in geographical Live Casino bet365force,Sustainable operation bet365 login gamesthat is conducive to the cultivation of the crown fruit economy forest。During the implementation of the project,Training more than 120 technicians at all levels,Help technicians master the supporting techniques for cultivating the crowning of intelligent drip irrigation and fertilizer,Realized good comprehensive benefits。