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Integrated into the "Big Corps" service and "Great Strategy" Development Research Institute to help the group open up Xinjiang's side

Release time:2024-06-07

    Development Research Institute actively integrates Bet365 logininto the group'bet365 login gamess "Big Corps" combat,Innovative consciousness of daring to be the first、Perseverance spirit of struggle,Service Group's Party Committee to open up the strategic layout of the Northwest market,Enter Xinjiang、Integrated into Xinjiang,Deeply cultivated this "Western Hot Land",Draw a better development blueprint。
    Smelling and planning plan first
    Give full play to the strategic guidance of planning,October 2023,Development Research Institute undertakes the preparation of the "Comprehensive Development and Utilization of Salt and Alkali Land in Hetian Region (2023-2035)",Get the local high recognition and unanimous praise,Hetian Ground Committee、The Office of the Office gave a letter to the group to express thanks。Through this plan,Find out the potential of 4.8 million acres of land potential of saline -alkali development arable land in Hetian area,Digging and reserve land project for the group from the plan。March 2024,Preparation of Cele County、Pilot County Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Utilization of saline and land in Luopu County,The first place was obtained in the comprehensive review Live Casino bet365of 25 Live Casino bet365plans in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、The third place in the third place,Build a foundation for comprehensive utilization pilots in Hetian area,strongly enhanced the group's influence and reputation。 
    Expenses in the same direction
    Give full play to the combat advantage of the Big Corps,Prepare the three -year development plan of the Northwest region of Oriental Development Group,Around land rectification、Comprehensive use of saline -alkali land、Modern agricultural industry、New Energy、Mineral development and other subdivided areas,For Xinjiang、Inner Mongolia、Gansu and other regions to prepare investment plans。Focus on Crown Fruit Industry,To start the opening of the road,Preparation of Taklama Ganan Desert Crown Fruit Crown Fruit and Model Project Feasibility Research Report and Planning Design。On both sides of National Highway 314 (7400 acres)、Mushi Township 9 Village (12,000 acres) Wen crown fruit ecological forest construction project,Establish a plan、Water conservancy、Electricity、Tube、Supervision、Multi -professional consulting teams such as cost,Quickly promoting the project can be developed、Water bet365 slotsbet365 login gamesResources Research、Survey fixed -bounds, etc.,Provide planning and design、Construction drawing design、cost、The entire process consulting service of supervision。Overcoming time、Mission weight、Many difficulties with harsh environment at the scene,Kashgar Shufu County、Changji Prefecture two construction sites start at the same time,​​inverted construction period、Motor chart combat,Completed the land flat in one month、Pipeline laying and installation、Mission and other tasks of crown fruit。
    Solid work guarantee assistance
    To ensure the group's party committee Xinjiang Grand Research Activity,Development Research Institute Tracking Service,Constantly modify and improve the promotion meeting series materials,On -site survey of the Demonstration Base of the Crown Fruit Reconstruction of the Xinjiang Academy of Forestry Sciences in Qitai County,Multiple docking of the SCO Organization Industrial Family Committee to exchange and cooperate,Visit Chinese Enterprises Investment and Development in Central Asia,Understand the political system of Central Asian countries、Business environment and investment path,Analysis of the development of Bet365 loginbet365 live casino appthe natural resource industry development case in the Four countries of the SCO in the first time,For the group's next step to stand in Xinjiang、Enter Central Asia、Integrated into the “Belt and Road” for reference。
    The Institute of Development will unswervingly implement the decision -making deployment of the party committee of the group to develop the Northwest market,Continue to play scientific research and technical advantages,Fight to turn Gobi deserted into the "construction worker" of Green Water Qingshan,Turn the green mountains and green mountains into the "designer" of Jinshan Yinshan,Make new and greater contributions to the Group's high -quality development。