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Secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee Feng Fei went to the group'bet365 slotsbet365 live casino apps Nanfan supporting service area for research

Release time:2024-06-07

    May 30th to 31st,Secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee Feng Fei in Ledong、Lingshui、Sanya investigating the high -quality development of Nanfan Industry,During the period, I went to the group's Nanfan scientific research breeding base (Hao Kongyang) supporting service area project on -site research。
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    Supporting service area at the Nanfan Scientific Research Breakstration Base (Handongyang),Feng Fei understands the overall bet365 live casino appconstruction of the supporting Bet365 loginservice area、China Merchants Operation、Development ideas and the transformation of the scientific research results of the Nanfan unit settled in the park。He pointed out,To strengthen collaboration,Strengthening scientific research services、Industrial Services and Life Services,attract more supporting companies to settle、Gathering,Incubation of a group of "leading geese" and "unicorn" enterprise,Provide full chain service for Nanfan scientific bet365 live casino appresearch breeding units。