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New Life of Dedic Health 丨 Science and Technology Encounter at the Digital Empowerment Exhibition Center in Shandong

Release time:2024-06-05

    Recent,Shandong University of Aeronautics Institute of Flight College 273 freshman students came to the Shandong Land Group Digital Empowerment Exhibition Center to visit and study,Understand the concept of satellite remote sensing,Live Casino bet365Stimulate the enthusiasm Live Casino bet365of technology learning。
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    Science and Technology Development Company Selected Division Survey and Dr. Jiachen of Remote Sensing Professional Dr. Jiachen explained to students,Vivid explanation with actual cases,Integrate knowledge with daily applications,It is convenient for students to understand digestion,It also inspired everyone’s learning interest。Students start from the exhibition hall,I understand the concept of satellite remote sensing in order、Development history、Remote sensing platform、Technical advantage,and remote sensing technology in cities、Agriculture、Application prospects of industries such as Bet365 loginnatural resources; in Live Casino bet365the internal department understand the background and basic status of the establishment of technology development companies,and the three centers and two bases of the Big Data Integrated Application R & D Base,I learned satellite、Data collection and actual application knowledge of remote sensing technology。
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    As a leading enterprise in the field of local remote sensing technology,The Shandong Land Group Digital Empowerment Exhibition Center built by the Science and Technology Development Corporation has been selected by Shandong Academy for two consecutive years as "Binzhou、Zhibinzhou、Love Binzhou、Jianbin Prefecture's social practice visit Live Casino bet365unit。Science and Technology bet365 login gamesDevelopment Company uses its own action,Practice self -rhythm help、Serving the new era of virtue health lifestyle,Plumb Shandong Land Science and Technology Innovation Service Business Card。