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Empowerment of Empowerment Engineering Construction Group "Working Hall" series of activities

Release time:2024-06-05

    2024,Engineering Construction Group "serves corporate interests、Serving enterprise employees "is the goal,Carry out a series of activities of the "Gong Construction Lecture Hall"。The "Gong Construction Lecture Hall" series of activities focuses on how to "develop" the theme,Make ideals and beliefs on employees、Cultivation of party spirit、Political Theory、Policies and regulations、Morality Line、Business knowledge、Professional skills、Education and training in scientific humanistic literacy,Through a variety of internal classroom training,Constantly improving the quality and work skills of employees,Create a high -quality talent team,Provide talent protection for the continuous health Bet365 loginand coordinated bet365 slotsdevelopment of the enterprise,Promoting the Road to the Engineering Construction Group to take a high -quality development road。
    From the end of 2023,Engineering Construction Group Party and Mass Work Department (Human Resources Department) to various departments、Requires and demand for the 2024 "Project Construction Lecture Hall" training plan for 2024,Everyone's group strategy,Follow the actual formation of practical and feasible specific training implementation plans,Innovation training courses、Teaching method,High -standard planning "Industrial Construction Lecture Hall" series training。
    Business Development Lecture Hall: Share new knowledge,Special Counseling Liangming Fang Question
    Learning for Spring Early,February 29,The first phase of the "Gong Construction Lecture Hall" training is successfully opened in everyone's expectations。
    The first event was sponsored by Construction Investment Company,The lecturer takes the Qixia Land Finishing Project as an example,Definition of land finishing project、Basic mode、Project process、Technical points、The problems that need to be paid attention to during the implementation process have elaborated the entire process of engineering construction,In -depth demonstration of the work ideas and methods of land finishing projects,Provide practical experience for the work of land organizing projects。
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    "Through training,I have a clearer understanding of the core concept and implementation path of urban renewal and EOD models,Especially in the lecture process, some introduction to actual cases,Let me see the effect of these modes in real operation,It is easier and deeper to understand theory。"The second phase of the" Industrial Construction Lecture Hall "training activity sponsored by Green Construction Engineering Company,It mainly shared Bet365 loginthe concept and mode of urban renewal bet365 live casino appand ecological environmental orientation (EOD)。Through training,Everyone's status quo of the urban renewal industry、Basic Concepts of Ecological Environmental Guide (EOD) Project、Policy support、Funding channels、Business model and other knowledge has a detailed and comprehensive understanding,Reached the knowledge structure of optimized participants、Make up ability shortcomings、The purpose of helping the company's business expansion。
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    After each training course is over,The Party and Mass Work Department (Human Resources Department) organize everyone to combine the content of the lectures and the actual development of the development、Speaking,Find a question、Makeup measures,Further increase everyone's sense of participation。Cadres and employees inspire each other in exchange talks、Learn、Encouragement,In a "brainstorm",Gathering new thinking、New path、New power。
    Internal Control Management Lecture Hall: Exchange Experience,Increased quality and efficiency and empowerment development
    Enter the internal control management lecture hall,Wonderful one after another、Vivid、Practical internal control management special training course,Help everyone solve the confusion encountered in the work。
    The first lecture on the internal control management lecture hall,The comprehensive management department of the Engineering Construction Group takes the "three base construction" as the starting point,Share and communicate "Text、Out of the meeting、Services "and other aspects,Improve the quality and efficiency of the comprehensive management of each unit,Help the company's fine management。At the same time,Course innovation form,Through "Flip Class"、Interactive lecture method,Let the training take "new" and take "heart"。
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    Live Casino bet365The training activity of the bet365 login games4th "Gong Construction Lecture Hall" was chaired by the Legal Audit Department of the Engineering Construction Group,Interpretation、Share、Exchange Group's "Contract Management Measures",Improve the quality and efficiency of the contracting and management of each unit,Help contract management refined,Show the rigorous work attitude and solid work ability of young employees。
    "This training 'dry goods' is full,‘Nutrition’ Rich,Existing theory,Also pay attention to practice,There are vivid cases,There are also practical practices。"trainers have said,The training content set for the "Contract Administration Measures" is comprehensive and rich,The system combed the focus of work and common problems,Eraded the training effect and effect。
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    Risk Prevention and Control Lecture Hall:Build a "defense line" to protect the development of the company
    From the beginning of May,Engineering Construction Group Safety Production Management Department (Engineering Management Department) brings you "four standardization" special training。Through the "Standardization of Construction (Trial)", "Standardization of Personnel (Trial)", "Standardization on -site Management (Trial)", "Process Control Standardization (Trial)",,Clear management standards,Help enterprise security development,Help enterprise security development。

    "This training makes me more deeply realize that safety work needs all members to participate,Safety production is not only the responsibility of management,It is the responsibility of each employee,Only everyone works together,Actively summarize experience in daily work,Timely discover and eliminate hidden safety hazards,can ensure that the company’s safety production work is long -term stability。"Participants said after training。
    Through this training,bet365 live casino appRelated bet365 login gamesbusiness personnel systematically learned the standardization construction process and specific measures of production safety,For "High -quality and Safe、High -level Development "has a deeper understanding,Charging for everyone in mind、Come on with ability,To accumulate capacity for development。
    "An excellent manager,It must be half financial experts。"" In the recent period of "Workshop Lecture Hall" training,Engineering Construction Group Financial Management Department through training of financial statements and related financial and tax knowledge,Data insider insights business nature and management quality and efficiency,Consolidate the foundation of financial and taxation for corporate management decision -making。The rich knowledge amount of the speaker、Deep opinion、Rigid thinking、Vivid lecture,Let everyone speak directly、beneficiaries a lot。
    Discussion of a field,A little growth,Applause again and again,"Workshop Lecture Hall" series of training activities make this ordinary working day extraordinary on Thursday,Let each "worker" grow on this platform,Garment。It is the lasting progress of each employee,Continuously stimulate the vitality of the high -quality development of engineering construction group,Contributing to the Group's Development "Industrial Construction Power"。