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Capital Investment Group: "Three Three" promotes party discipline learning and education deeply

Release time:2024-05-20

    Since the development of party discipline learning,Capital investment group party organizations at all levels in response to call,Active action,Complete the startup deployment as soon as possible,Formulate in the actual situation to formulate a party disciplinary study education plan,Promoting the work of work solidly,Orderly spread,It has set off a wave of party discipline education and education。
    Establish a "three -grasp" mechanism to promote it in one -one
    Live Casino bet365The Bet365 loginGeneral Branch of the Capital Investment Group fully realized that the development of party discipline learning and education is a major thing in the party's political life,Adhere to high standing deployment、High starting point start。
    1 is to arrange deployment quickly。Hold a special deployment meeting for the first time,Conveying Learning and Implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on party discipline learning and education、The spirit of important instructions,Research and deployment。
    The second is to grab a detailed task list。Give full play to the "head geese",Secretary of Live Casino bet365The Bet365 loginGeneral Branch of the Party led the "Implementation Plan for the General Branch of the Capital Investment Group's Party Discipline and Education",Decomposition key tasks,Specific measures to propose 6 specific measures,Develop a supervisory account for account,Clear Department of Responsibility Department,Supervise the relevant functional departments carefully grasp the implementation。
    Third is to do a good job of publicity atmosphere。LED screen in the office workplace、WeChat public account opens two columns of "Party Discipline Education" and "Key Article Interpretation",Reprinted the latest deployment and interpretation article in time,Integrate discipline education "small classroom" into the media to spread the "big platform",Continuously create a strong atmosphere。
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    Create the "Three Studies" model to achieve the mind
    Focus on integrating daily、Grab it frequently,bet365 login gamesLive Casino bet365Persist in combining concentrated learning with individual self -learning,Promoting party members、Cadres strengthen discipline consciousness,Strengthen self -constraint,Always be loyal、Clean、Responsibility。
    First, the leadership team receives。Strictly implement the "First issue" system,Leading cadres take the lead to read the "Regulations" one by one;,Leading cadres conduct a special interpretation of party members they are located; actively play a role in leading learning,Create "Answer Monday、January 1 Test "" regular discussion "mechanism,Drive the majority of party members to continuously improve the initiative of learning,Create a strong learning atmosphere。
    Second, the full coverage of the party branch。According to "Quick Start、All staff coverage "principle,5 party branches all pass the "three meetings and one lesson"、The theme party day and other forms complete the deployment of party discipline education and education,Development of the "Party Discipline Study Education Plan Form",Carry out "Learning the Party Constitution, Party Discipline, Fresh and Frozen", "Study Regulations、Defense、Strong Party Sex "and other theme party day activities,Surrounding it to put yourself in、Put your responsibilities in、Put the job in to carry out a special discussion,Realize the full coverage of party members。
    Third is a party member、Cadre self -study。For all party members、More than 240 books such as "Communist Party Member Disciplinary Learning" and other more than 240 Live Casino bet365books,Through "pairing bet365 live casino appgang", "check -in self -study", "examination supervision" and other methods,Urges party members to seriously grasp individual self -study in accordance with the "Regulations" self -study plan,To learn discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Print the obedience to the discipline in the heart,Internalization into words and deeds。
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    Integrate "three plus" content to achieve the effect
    Highlight the original original learning、Warning Education、Training interpretation and other aspects,Make sure that party discipline learning and education will be effective。
    One is the combination of "online+offline",The same frequency resonance。According to party discipline learning and education offline learning schedule,Organize all party members to carry out the "Learning Regulations、Guardian Discipline、Ming bottom line、Knowing Awe "Party Discipline Education Special Online Test,The number of participants reached 39 people。Open the "Study in the WeChat public account、Zhiji、Mingji、Defense "should be known to know the knowledge answer column,Movement of the party branches with online answers to the starting point,Organize party members to "learn discipline" anytime, anywhere,"Shou Ji" at all times。
    The second is the combination of "concentration+decentralization",Double pipes are unified。Each party branch makes full use of party members in various business groups to interact,Concentrated Organization of the Regulations Leading、Listen to the special report、Carrying out exchanges and discussions; bet365 live casino appbet365 slotsparty members in accordance with the prescribed study, learning content,Make full use of all time that can be used,See seam pins,Leisure in their respective business work,"Insert" at any time to learn the party's discipline、Take notes、Writing,The process of truly learning party discipline a enhanced discipline awareness、The process of improving the cultivation of party spirit。
    Third is the combination of "theory+warning",Two -way cultivation。Propaganda plates of the Independent Verse of the Independent、Organize collective watching "Continuous Power Promotion" and "Zero Renpin" and other anti -corruption warning education films、Better Books such as "Reading of Disciplinary Education and Learning of Party Member Cadres",Around state -owned enterprises、Typical cases of finance and other fields,Focus on the key areas of the risk of integrity in the industry、Important positions、Key links,Check the "risk point" of the integrity government,Play a warning education "Combination Boxing"。
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