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Rural Revitalization Group: The "five -step chess" promotes the practice of party discipline and education deeply

Release time:2024-05-16

    Since the development of party discipline learning and education,Rural Revitalization Group Strictly implement the requirements of the party committee of the group,Careful Organization、Strike,Guide all party members to learn、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,A firm support for the "two establishment" with practical actions、bet365 live casino appTo bet365 slotsachieve "two maintenance",Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education Deepness。
    Let's mobilize the deployment of "first chess" and do a good job of organizing the implementation
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    Hold the party discipline education mobilization deployment meeting for the first time,Comprehensive、All staff、Full coverage conveys the study of the "Implementation Plan on Carrying out Party Discipline Learning Education" and the spirit of the party's construction work leadership group,Arrange and deploy party discipline learning and education; closely follow the requirements of party discipline learning and education targets,Develop a party discipline learning education plan,For the original study、Strengthen warning education、Strengthen interpretation and training、Strengthening the 4 work arrangements for strengthening the review and rectification for carefully combing,Decomposition and refinement into 8 specific measures。
    Lower the leading cadre "take the head chess" to highlight the demonstration leaders
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    Team members learn one step first、Learn a layer,Learn through "Key Minority",Forms a first -level grasping level、A good atmosphere of learning layers。​​Organize a special meeting of the party committee theoretical learning center group,In -depth interpretation and study of the "Regulations"; strictly implement the "first issue" system,Practice General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speeches and important instructions of party discipline learning bet365 slotsand education bet365 slotsas the "first issue" of the party committee,Carry out 5 centralized learning around the "Six Disciplines"; organize leading cadres to participate in the group party discipline learning and education class,Quad -by -word and sentence、Contact the actual deep study and study the "Regulations",Enhanced discipline awareness、Improve the cultivation of party spirit; the secretary of the party committee take the lead in teaching the special party class of the integrity government,Guide all members to maintain cleanliness,Service Group High -quality Development。
    Going to study and education "activity chess", rich learning form
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    Combined with the actual situation of rural revitalization group,Scientific formulation of party discipline learning plans and activity arrangements,Learning effect。Dedication of the "Regulations" concise reading,Ensure that all party members "one volume",Provide protection for in -depth learning; strictly implement the "Monday" centralized learning system,Organizing all party members to conduct normalized centralized learning; strengthen the red line consciousness of party discipline bottom line,Watch the warning education film、Learning warning education cases and other forms,Carry out warning education activities 2 times; organize the collection of party discipline learning perceptions,Receive employees' experience of nearly 20 articles,Published in the form Live Casino bet365of a Bet365 loginbriefing; actively prepare for party discipline learning and education knowledge test、Secretary of the Party Branch "Micro Party Lesson"、Activities and other activities,Further inspection and learning results,Stimulate learning enthusiasm。
    Put down the publicity and education "guide chess" to create a strong atmosphere
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    Build a party disciplinary study education column for relying on WeChat public account,Daily release of the "Regulations" study interpretation article,Publish dynamics of party discipline learning and education in time、Warning education case, etc.。Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of party discipline learning at the grassroots level,Guide the grassroots to do a good job at the same time,Do a good job of special actions。Heze Company United Municipal Natural Resources and Planning Bureau,Go to Heze's Integrity Education Museum to carry out warning education activities; Texas Company adopted the form of "receiving reading+analysis of discussions", "self -learning, self -enlightenment+exchange discussion",Hold a seminar on party discipline learning and education; Tai'an Company shall be in accordance with the standards of the Regulations and combine their own work and business responsibilities,Check it one by one,Seriously find a problem with existence,Ensure that each party member firmly establishes a party constitution and party discipline awareness;,Use weekly work meetings to concentrate on exchange experience,Increase in the discussion。
    Put a good study and Bet365 loginbet365 login gameseducation "combined chess" to promote the development of the enterprise

    Persist in connecting the results of party discipline education and consolidation and expansion theme education.,Combined with various key tasks,Effectively grab it with both hands、Two Promotion,Efforts to transform the results of party discipline learning and education into the actual results of high -quality development of enterprises。Coordinated design of party discipline learning and education and style construction activities、"Three Meetings and One Lesson"、Theme Party Day、Party building belt group building and other work,Maximum effects to merge similar items,Promote the efficiency of the company in an orderly manner to improve the efficiency of various tasks,Help the Group's high -quality development。