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Engineering Construction Group: Construction spelling "acceleration" does not lose its spring when it is wronged

Release time:2024-05-16

    Spring and Summer Front,Pleasant climate,The current golden season for construction and production。On the barren land of 35,000 acres of saline -alkali land in Hekou District, Dongying City,Mechanical roar,Earth Rolling,Soil with a piece of board,With the slowly movement of the fully automatic integrated pipe machine, the high -speed rotating spin -rotating spin -rotating spin -rotated spin -rotating on both sides of the dark groove,Dark pipe laying、Sand cover,Pipe ditch buried and other processes in one go,Comprehensive Utilization Project of Cultivated Land Reserve Resources such as salt -alkali land and other cultivated reserve resources undertaken by the Construction Investment Company of Live Casino bet365the Live Casino bet365Construction Group,Construction of the builders,"Fighting" a hot production scroll。
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    The project has been implemented in January 2024,Construction Investment Company always adheres to "quality first,Keeping excellence "working principles,Comprehensive layout,Careful Organization,Dongying City Hekou District and other cultivated land reserve resources comprehensive use of pilot project departments to continuously optimize the construction process,inverted construction period,Expand the "Time Racing" of Spring Food。
    Agricultural harvest,cultivated land is the basis。Enter May since May,Dongying City Houkou District Salt and Alkali Land Project Department fully sounds the tackling operation number angle,inverted construction period、Hanging chart combat,Strive to fully complete the demonstration area of ​​the demonstration area at the end of May,Help corn、Spring farming Live Casino bet365production bet365 slotsof crops such as cotton and other crops。At the construction site,On the one hand, the construction personnel are arranged in turn on the improved plot in advance、docking、straight,The operators on the other side are driving a fully automatic integrated pipe tube machine to excavate the alkaline groove,The ingredients machine follows the method in an orderly manner、Pinking,With the movement of the tube machine, the white leakage tubes like long dragons are accurately buried into the ground。"Fully automatic integrated paving machine,With GPS positioning,Infrared sensor technology excavation,Can accurately control the slope of the construction of dark pipe、​​Buried sand,Completion of the dark tube ditch at one time、Shop Tube、​​Buried sand、The construction process of filling back,After the construction of the dark tube is completed, the dull drainage uses Live Casino bet365the pipeline flow and drainage,bet365 slotsIt can solve the multi -cultivated land occupation land、The problem of easy collapse and blocking of the slope of the drainage channel,Paying pipelines,Reduce groundwater level,The purpose of reaching high standards to treat saline -alkali land,Improve agricultural planting benefits。"Project leader Song Xuchao introduced。
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    Dongying Houkou saline -alkali land project team will continue to adhere to "time is life,Benefit is the concept of money,devoted to the upsurge of the big dry。