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Popularization of disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge enhances safety prevention consciousness

Release time:2024-05-14

    May 12 this year is the 16th national disaster prevention and mitigation day。To in -depth publicity of disaster prevention and mitigation,Enhance the safety awareness of cadres and employees,Improve emergency hedging and self -rescue and mutual Live Casino bet365rescue ability,May 11th,Safety Production Management Department、Fund Management Department、Asset Operation Group to Jinan Earthquake Popularization Museum jointly carried out the theme activities of the popularity of disaster prevention and security knowledge。
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    At the Earthquake Popular Popularization Museum in Jinan City,Cadres and employees enter the 4D Image Experience Hall、Ascend the earthquake experience platform、Enter the tilt house after the earthquake,Just like the scene of the earthquake,True the impact of the earthquake,Enhanced the awe of natural disasters。Distribution through the staff on the earthquake belt、Earthquake precursor、bet365 login gamesEarthquake Knowledge、Self -rescue and mutual rescue methods and other knowledge explanations,Supplemented by knowledge exhibition board、sand table model、Simulation operation and other methods,Learn how to take the correct response measures when the earthquake occurs、Effective self -protection,Master how to perform practical skills such as self -rescue and mutual rescue after the disaster。
    This safety knowledge popularization activity,Further enhanced the awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction of cadres and employees,Improving the emergency response ability to deal with earthquake disasters,bet365 slotsIt has important practical significance for the development of protecting the safety of personal lives and safety precautions。