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The next city! DIEY realizes remote sensing image change monitoring、quasi、All

Release time:2024-05-06

    Monitoring of remote sensing image changes refers to the use of polyphoring remote sensing images that use different times in the same area at different times,Monitoring and analyzing the process of land change information in the area。With the continuous development of remote sensing technology and the explosive growth of satellite data,Monitoring of remote sensing images is widely used in urban planning、Natural Resources Management、Environmental monitoring and other fields。
    But,Diverse types of natural resource surface coverage involved in the monitoring scenario of change monitoring scene,There is a spectral resolution difference between the remote sensing images of the time before and Bet365 loginBet365 loginafter the phase phase phase.、Geometry Watching error、Changes in perspective angle changes,will generate a series of pseudo -change information。For example,Push Packing Soil Added Green Network、Planting and unparanges for cultivated land、Different perspectives of building shooting、Different trees on the forest land、Different construction stages at the construction site, etc.。These interference factors lead to low degree of monitoring and automation of remote sensing images,It is difficult to meet the engineering needs of business scenarios。To ensure the high precision and high reliability of the automatic information extraction result,Still need to invest a large amount of manual verification,Especially the exclusion work of the pseudo -changing diagram。
    For example,A district/county often extract thousands of or more changes.。A bet365 slotsLive Casino bet365large number of pseudo -changing diagrams are mixed in these changing maps,All need to be checked artificially,Workload huge。
    Digital Hui Time Remote Sensing Monitoring Monitoring System,Computer -based vision、Deep Learning、Technical means such as natural language processing and "Great Wall" big model,Automation complete image full element change information extraction、Auto -removing pseudo -changing map、Automatic recognition of changes、Artificial approval of the type of spots and a series of processes,Finally extracted from the real change information that meets business needs,Support land change survey、Normal and efficient development of law enforcement and other work。
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Remove false changes and discover real changes
    Digital Hui Time Imaging Monitoring System uses deep learning、Knowledge map、Artificial intelligence technology such as computer bet365 login gamesvision Live Casino bet365and natural language processing,Realized the rapid automatic extraction of the two phase phase of the image change information,From data、Computing power、Algorithm、Knowledge and other dimensions to promote the monitoring of the monitoring of changes,Can be widely served in the law enforcement of the main film、Special investigation work such as idle land investigation。