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What are the "fruit baskets" in Shandong land?

Release time:2024-04-28

    Little Crown Crown Midea rural rich native
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    In Shiba Town, Shiba City, Anqiu City, Shandong Province,There is a 400 -acre crowned fruit germplasm resource expo,Refinement of relevant companies led by Shandong Vogh Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.,Collapsed more than 600 crown fruit germination resources in 31 cities across the country,Building Bet365 loginthe largest and most complete crown fruit germplasm resources in China。
    Gender resources are the strategic resources of the country。The crown fruit is a natural "China core",It is a unique plant variety in China,The unsaturated fatty acids of the crown oil are as high as 93%,It is a new type of healthy wood book for the development of the State Grain Bureau and other national departments。Vogh Company through the introduction of the academician team of Nanjing Forestry University,Establishing Weifang Crown Fruit Industry Research Institute,Carry out the crown fruit group training、Crown Crown Fruit Light Cuttings、Crown Crown Fruit Nutritional Light -matrix -breeding and other seedlings such as seedlings,Realized accurate breeding of the crown fruit,The problem of solving the neck of the Chinese original planting wood and oil card。
    Current,A total of 370,000 crowns in the Expo Park,New dried fruit type new varieties "open laugh",Five new varieties including Holy Production "Wofeng One" passed national review、2 Obtaining provincial good varieties for review,Included the dry fruit system、Usage of high -yield oil、、Dedicated varieties of ornamental;,Cultivate more than 40 unique varieties of high -quality crowns; the participating crown fruit genome sequencing and assembly research results,Published in "Gigascience" magazine,bet365 slotsIt is the first published articles published in the world's crown fruit。The protection and development of the germplasm resources of the crown fruit,It has been fully affirmed by relevant national and provincial departments and leaders。
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    In addition,Vogh Company is in Anqiu Nonggu -the national rural industry integration development demonstration park,Construction of 80 acres of modern and breeding display bases (10560 square meters of greenhouse seedling greenhouses),The output of the three -year crown fruit of the three years of mountainous land reaches 135 kg/mu,Can produce 2 million seedlings in high -quality seedlings annually,Realizing annual output value 24 million yuan,Forms the leading domestic crowned crown fruit dehydration and seedlings、Breeding method comparative test、New varieties test、Good breed expansion、Modern Crown Crown Breeding Base in the Genre Genome Genes。Current,Voic has established more than 3,000 acres of demonstration bases nationwide,Seedlings radiation area of ​​230,000 mu。

    "Unveil the List" digging potential Autonomous operation reduction cost
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    Yangchun March、Spring is full,Entering the Rural Revitalization Group Yinzi Beishan Modern Apple Park project site,Fruit branches are leafy、Good growth,Flowers of orchards are open first、Qunfeng Flying。
    To fully excavate project potential,Reduce operating bet365 login gamescosts,Cultivate the core operation management team of the agricultural industry,April,Rural Revitalization Group implemented the "unveiling the list" for the Yinzi Beishan Modern Apple Park project,Public competing capable person。Through independent operation of the project,Operating costs of more than 2 million yuan per year。Rural Revitalization Group combined with the actual project,Synchronized production and operation plan,Clarified the goals of business tasks and assessment for the past three years,and signed a performance responsibility letter with the new operating team。
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    Current,The operation team has settled in the project site,There are plans to promote sparse flowers、Shuo Fruit、Bags and other jobs,Effectively control the quality of the fruit,Guarantee fruit yield。At the same time,The team also formulated an annual sales plan,and organize a special person to conduct market research inside and outside the province,Broaden sales channels,Press order -based sales,Lock the intention to buy in advance,Make sure the product has a market、Effective、Can be replied。
    Flower Kai Qianli Fragrant Full Garden Tibetan
    Pineapple has been planting plants for many years,Four seasons can be harvested。Plants in the same area in the same area,It will present different colors: blue -green、Emerald green、bet365 login gamesPurple、Yellow -green ... colorful color,Commonly woven into Xuwen's beautiful and sweet "Pineapple Sea" magnificent landscape!
    Digital Hui Time and Space Union with long light satellite,Create remote sensing data factory DIEY,activation data+algorithm+new productive productive potential,The "Great Wall" big model interpreted the results of pineapple planting distribution in part of Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province。
    Xuwen County is located at the southernmost tip of mainland China,Plant pineapple has a history of nearly a century。The selenium -rich red land formed formed by the eruption of 10,000 -year -old volcano,Unique geographical and climatic conditions,Make the pineapple fruit produced here、juice more、Sweet Sweet、Xiang Yi,Become a Chinese Geographic Sign Protection Product。Now,Another year pineapple listing,350,000 acres of pineapple land is expected to produce 800,000 tons this year。