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The Party Branch of Dezhou Company carried out the theme party day event of "Bookmark, Passing, Passenger Integrity"

Release time:2024-04-28

    To promote party discipline learning and education deeply,Recent,The Party Branch of Dezhou Company organizes the theme party day event of "Bookmark, Passing, Passenger Integrity and Righteousness",Guide all party members, cadres, employees and employees、Zhiji、Practicing Lian、Shouji,Effectively create integrity、Si Lian、Practicing Lian、The strong atmosphere of the integrity。
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    Discipline and integrity,Casting the soul at the beginning。In the event,All party members collectively studied the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party bet365 live casino appbet365 slotsof China & GT; Guidance", "Education, Guidance, Knowing the Ji Ji Ji Ji Ji" and the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Act of the Communist Party of China" The specific content of the chapter,The form of "Learning Reading+Analysis", "Self -Learning and Relations+Exchange Discussion" in the form,Inspired everyone to learn party discipline、Speaking of rules、Discipline、Make an example,Continuously strengthen the concept of party spirit,Further enhanced discipline consciousness,Promoting the learning of party discipline into the mind、Seeing the line of results。
    Family style says integrity,Qingfeng guards the first heart。All party members have carefully studied Mao Zedong's "teaching son strict、Dimension、Holding the family strict "、Zhou Enlai "For the Political Entry,Public and Qing;Bet365 login,Jianjian and Qin "、Chen Bet365 loginYi "Three Chapters of the Law" and Li Dazhao "Diligence and integrity、Generological and Help people ",The strict style of the immersive understanding of the proletarian revolutionaries,Internalizing the teachings of the revolutionary ancestors in the heart、Externalization,To achieve a clear and lonely heart、Integrity Mingzhi、Li De self -cultivation。
    Bookmark Simpling,Positive qi Runchian。In the event,Everyone combines learning experience and full harvest,Write your own integrity motto in the lotus pattern symbolizing integrity and quaint color bookmarks,Cover the "Zheng Da Li Xin,Acting with light "" "Pioneer", "Initial Heart", "Credit" seal,I made a "integrity" unique and clean cultural bookmark,and said that we must be a good obedience to the rules、Expods of integrity Bet365 loginBet365 loginand self -discipline,Always holding political discipline and political rules in front,Integrate to daily work、Learning and Life,Take the lead in keeping the bottom line of the integrity industry,Let Zhengqi Qingfeng infiltrate the company's every corner,To successfully complete the annual key tasks、Help the Group's high -quality development contribution。