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Gorgeous transformation!

Release time:2024-04-26

    "Green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan。"" Walking in Gaogou Mining Area, Gaogou Mining Area, Town Town, Dongpingyuanyuan, Shandong,The gentle slope changed from the mining surface,Laying thick loess,Black pine、Placed Platinum and other trees are absorbing the sun,Rejuvenating vitality。
    "In the past, it was a granite mining area,Is a damaged mountain,Full of sore。Now,This is a valuable cultivated land,The change can be big ... "A nearby villager said excitedly。
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Before governance
    Shandong Dongping Yuanyuan Xishi Material Co., Ltd. Tiger Town Gaogou Mining Area originally belongs to resources mining and causes mountain damage,According to "Who Millet、Who destroys、Who Govern "and local government requirements,Engineering Construction Group actively bet365 slotsresponds to the internal coordination call,Controlled the implementation of Shandong Dongpingyuan Xishi Co., Ltd. Bet365 loginMine Ecological Repairing Project。
    Time pointer return to September 2023。Engineering Construction Group's ownership Green Construction Engineering Company obtained Shandong Dongpingyuan Xishi Material Co., Ltd. Bet365 loginMine Ecological Repairing Project through bidding,According to Dongping County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Design Plan,and Dongping Yuanyuan Xishi Corporation related requirements,Persist in "Yijian Zeng Jian、Yixin is farming、Yilin Zelin "principle,Quickly organize the construction team,Ecological repair and governance of the mining area。
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After governance
    The project involves the excavation of earth and stone in the mining area、Back to Filling、Rebellion Wall、Drainage ditch、Construction of culverts、Land reclamation projects such as field bet365 login gamesroads,Planted Plague、Sprinkling grass species and other vegetation recovery projects。After 3 months of full progress,Mine Reinforcement Zone resumed a cultivated land area of ​​110 acres; 120,000 cubic meters of slag filling stone soil,Pack to plant soil 9600 cubic meters,Mining Environmental Promotion Area Jet Seed Seed area 130,000 square meters,10,000 plants planting trees ... The ecological environment of the mining area has been significantly improved,The loss of soil and soil has been effectively curbed,Resource value、Ecosystems have also been actively improved。Engineering Construction Group to help Shandong Dongping Yuanyuan Xishi Material Co., Ltd. in Gaogou Mining Area in Shandong Ecological Fu Green、Landscape reconstruction、The road to comprehensive renovation of mines and renovation of land reclamation。
    People live up to Qingshan,Qingshan is not available。Shandong Dongpingyuan Xishi Material Co., Ltd. Bet365 loginMine Ecological Repair and Treatment Project was implemented,Former full eyes、Dust to fly abandoned mine,Green Sheng Jin Huan has glowed with a new look,Plumb the new color of the ecological beauty。Local people lamented: "Implementation of ecological restoration of mines,It has brought practical benefits to our people,Now the mountain is greener,The water is cleared,This project is so good ... "