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"Number" and "Self" Gathering Raise

Release time:2024-04-26

    bet365 live casino appApril 21,In -depth understanding,Bet365 loginBetter serving the basic information platform of land and space for upgrade,Helps the development of digitalization of natural resources,Digital Technology Group's ownership company Number Hui Time and Whole Company went to the Information Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources to discuss and exchange。Director Sun bet365 login gamesXuedong of the Information Center of the Ministry Live Casino bet365of Natural Resources and the person in charge of the relevant department will receive it。
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    Sun Xuedong welcomes the visit of N
    Intelligent improvement of the two parties on the intelligentization of the basic information platform of land and space、Data governance、Application scenario construction and other issues have been exchanged。Sun Xuedong affirmed the contribution made by the time and space for the time and space for the informationization of natural resources for many years,and active exploration currently in cutting -edge technology research and development,Looking forward to the Time and Space continues to contribute to the improvement of the digital governance capacity of natural resources。
    Digital Hui Time will always focus on the field of natural resources,The digital development of the digitalization of natural resources is used,Continue to increase technological research and development and business research investment,Empower the entire process of AI to help the entire business digitalization of natural resources、Intelligence accelerate transformation。