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The Yellow River Ecological Group carried out the "Three -Year Action of the Turbish Three -year Action to preach into the first line" series of activities

Release time:2024-04-22

    In order to thoroughly implement the three -year operation deployment requirements of the Group's safety production and governance,Further enhances the company's full -time production awareness and work skills,Starting from April 17,The Yellow River Ecological Group has launched a series of activities of "Three -Year Action of Turbish Turbish"。
    On -site preaching。,Working group issued the "Three -year Action Learning Handbook" to the front -line employees,Explanation of specific requirements for implementation plan implementation plan,Guidance Strictly standardize operations in accordance with the standard and regulations,Warning employees are always tightening safety Bet365 loginproduction Bet365 loginstrings,Safety post、Dry Standards、Do safety。
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    A discussion training。At the publicity and training meeting of Zibo Zhuozheng Company,Working group around the realization of safety development concepts、Security management mechanism、Risk prevention and control methods and hidden dangers investigation and governance models comprehensively to the "four transformations" work goals in advance to prevent transformation、Work task and other angles,Careful interpretation of the "Three -Year Action Implementation Plan for Turbish Turbish" to front -line personnel。
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    A round of safety inspection。Working group consulted the security information of the industry in the enterprise one by one,Discussion and exchange with the principals of the project,In -depth understanding of the implementation of the requirements of work safety,Construction of on -site civilization、bet365 live casino appMechanical bet365 login gamesequipment、Fire work, etc.,Forms "List of Hidden Hidden Hurry Danger Rectifications",Analysis of the problem with the project safety management team、Credit Questions,and understand the ideological understanding、Enhanced element investment、Improve the level of guarantee and other requirements for rectification work。
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    Mining companies have said one after another,will take this announcement activity as an opportunity,Materials and other materials of the learning manual,Firmly establish the concept of safety development,Enhance safety production awareness,Constantly improving emergency response capabilities,Careful implementation of the company's production safety system,Performing job safety responsibilities,Speaking safety from time to time、Safe on things,Propaganda for the development of production safety and bet365 live casino appsafe bet365 slotsdevelopment、Practitioner、Promotioner。
    The Yellow River Ecological Group will continue to carry out the work safety publicity education and hidden dangers to investigate and rectify the rectification work,Create a strong security and cultural atmosphere,Constantly improving safety and guarantee capabilities and levels,A good situation of achieving high -level safety services and high -quality development。