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Shandong Land Assets Operation Group Party Branch and Shandong Provincial Seed Management Station Party Branch、Capital Investment Group Party Branch Carrying bet365 login gamesout bet365 slotsa joint theme party day event

Release time:2024-04-19

    In order to further implement the general requirements of the party's construction in the new era,Promote the deep integration of party building and business work,Recent,Shandong Land Asset Operation Group Party Branch and Shandong Seed Industry Management Station Party Branch、Capital Investment Group's Party Branch carried out the "Party Construction Revival Power Cohesion to Build Southern Promoting Development" Joint Theme Party Day。
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    All party members visited the Group's "Centennial Live Casino bet365Party bet365 login gamesHistory · Centennial Land" exhibition hall,Revisiting the history of land development、Feeling the spirit of the great party。Subsequent,Followed by party building and co -construction、South Breeding、Supporting services and other discussions and exchanges。
    Next,Party brancheswill strengthen communication and collaboration,Continue to share in advantageous resources、Scientific research platform co -construction、Investment and financing of the seed industry is strong forces,Gathering consensus,Injecting new vitality into the new bet365 login gamesmechanism bet365 live casino appand new model to the Nanfan scientific research breeding base in Shandong Province。