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Asset Operation Group held a party disciplinary study and education deployment meeting

Release time:2024-04-19

    In the afternoon of April 19,Asset Operation Group Party Committee held a mobilization deployment meeting for party discipline and education work。
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    The meeting conveyed the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee on the party discipline and education and the relevant work requirements of the group's party committee,Readed "Implementation Plan for the Carrying and Education of Party Discipline Learning and Education",I have studied the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",and arrange bet365 live casino appthe Live Casino bet365arrangement of party discipline and education in asset operations group。
    Meeting to point out,Carry out party discipline learning and education,Is strengthening the party's discipline construction、Important measures to promote the development of comprehensive and strictly governing the party,It must be deeply understood the significance of carrying out party discipline and education,Effectively unify the thinking and actions to the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the Group's Party Committee,Transform the rigid constraints of discipline into daily habits,The fundamental improvement of the construction of style、Essential change,Promoting the practice of party discipline learning and education deeply,Provides strong discipline guarantee bet365 live casino appfor bet365 live casino appthe promotion of the high -quality development of asset operation groups。
    Conference emphasized,The party branches of the asset Operation Group must conscientiously grasp the implementation of party discipline and education,Put the work and implement the work in a more prominent position,Political responsibility to compact,High standards implementation; grasp the key content,Highlight key groups; strengthen coordination and coordination,Innovative methods; strengthen the target task,Improve work effectiveness,Carrying out party discipline education and project de -process、Activating operations combined,Focus on the key task of the whole year,Compact responsibility,To promote development with learning,Effectively transform the "Tackling bet365 live casino appPlan" bet365 live casino appinto "Tackling results",Convert party discipline learning and education into firm ideals、Refine the party nature、Guidance Practice、Powerful power to promote work,Efforts to operate performance、Management level、Party building and other aspects to achieve new breakthroughs,Create a new situation of high -quality development of asset operation groups!