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Zaozhuang Lingzhi Lake Kangyang Town Supporting Mine Project

Release time:2021-06-02

Zaozhuang Lingzhi Lake Kangyang TownSupporting MineMountain ProjectTotal investment6.18billion yuanThis project includes the mining and processing project of Yuzishan and Yishankou Mine,itemItemThe district is located in Sangcun Town, Shanting District, Zaozhuang City,bet365 login gamesAmong them, Yizi Mountain Mine covers the area0.162square kilometers, ore resource reserves190010,000 tons,The mining method is mechanical mining, the annual mining volume is20010,000 tons, the product is mainly stone powder and ordinary aggregate;Yishankou MineOccupy the ground0.19square kilometers, the reserves of the first phase of ore resources286510,000 tons, the mining method is blasting mining, the annual mining volume is20010,000 tons, the product is based on boutique bonesMaterials and mechanism sand.

As of2021Year4month, the two mines have completed investment2.6billion yuan, Yu2020Year6month4Japan obtains the mining of two mines through the bet365 live casino apppublic transfer method according to the proceduresright,2021Year2month26Daily approval of the EIA report,3month3Completed dayEPCThe bidding of the general contracting project and enter the construction,3month4DayGetMiningLicense, the special transportation road was completed in the third quarter.

Zaozhuang Company continues to carry forward the "Six Spirit of Shandong Land",Persist in "Five Canadies and Two、Bai JiaBlack "Work mechanism,inverted construction period、Motor chart combat、overcome difficulties,Make sure itemsUnder the premise of quality and production safety,Go all the way to catch up with work、Graving progress,Efforts to realize the mine projectEffectiveness of production at the end of this year

Yuzishan Mine Mining Project


Yishankou Mine Mining Project