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Shandong Luban Hardcover Town Project

Release time:2021-06-02

Luban Town is located north of the north of the north of Lan Mountain District, Linyi City,East of Liu Qinghe,The main city of Linyi City in the south,West connecting Luohe,High -speed rail station、Train North Station、Each high -speed entry、Linyi Airport and other places are within 20 kilometers,Logistics and transportation and life traffic road networks in all directions。

Luban Town project covers a total area of ​​about 7600 acres,Planning net bet365 live casino appland bet365 live casino app193.3 hectares (about 2899.50 acres),Total construction area of ​​more than 4 million square meters,It is expected to invest 40 billion yuan,A total of three phases is implemented。The first phase of the project currently constructed can use 1334 acres of land,The building area is about 1.85 million square meters,Planning investment 12.1 billion yuan。The first phase of 108.24 acres was raced on April 24, 2020,Used to build a supporting online mall,With the whole house and the whole installation、Smart Home、Quality Inspection Seal、High -end interior design and excellent apartment expo、The "Luban International Jelly Center" project that integrates the functions of e -commerce operations。

The first phase of the bet365 live casino app"bet365 login gamesLuban International Hardcover Exhibition Center" project will be completed on September 27, 2020.。January 15, 2021 obtained construction land planning permits and construction project planning permits,February 2, 2021 Complete the node goal of full and negative zero。At present, the main engineering cap has been completed,Open outdoor supporting engineering construction and interior decoration project。

bet365 live casino app"bet365 login gamesLuban International Hardcover Exhibition Center" as the offline display of Luban hardcover town、Experience、The carrier of the transaction,Meeting the offline real -life experience of the integrated service platform of Luban hardcover all -industry chain、Hardcover Model 1: 1 Customized Experience、Customization of soft bet365 live casino appfurnishings、Customization Live Casino bet365of the whole house、Customization of special materials、Fine design research and development、Display of hardcover products、Real Display of Hardcover Craftsmanship,Interpretation of Ruban's hardcover value reconstruction、Value of empowerment of the entire industry chain。

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