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Shandong Land Industry Financial Demonstration Park Project

Release time:2021-06-02

Shandong Land Industry Financial Demonstration Park is fromShandong Land Development Group's efforts to build a high -end office building as a carrier,Enterprise headquarters office、Financial Services、Business、Super5ALevel Intelligence Demonstration Park.The park is positioned as "Emerging Enterprise Headquarters、Urban Economic Landmark、Modern Business Platform、Comprehensive benefits vault、High -qualityTalent Highlands "five core functions.

Demonstration Park relies on the policy advantage of the national Yellow River Basin ecological protection and high -quality development demonstration zone、The open advantage of the Shandong Free Trade Zone、Jinan StateThe resource advantage of the inter -financial city and the land resource support advantage of the Land Development Group of Shandong Province,Adhere to international vision、International Vision,Persist in the future、InnovationLead,Persevere at the high point、Long -term plan,Persist in production finance and、Election Optimization,Create the land industry innovation zone in Jinan International Financial City、NewFinanceProductionIndustry gathering area and highlight area.

Demonstration Park is located in JingjingRoad9999Number, Golden Age SquareAseat,north of 10 East Road,East of Olympic West Road,It is the core business office complex and landmark building of Olympic Sports bet365 slotsBet365 loginBoard area。Total high of the main building218rice, on the ground45Floor, underground4Floor, the total construction area is about1410,000 square meters, the average area of ​​the floor2800square meter. Plan decorationVoteFreedom1.25billion yuan, of which the office area is about1210,000 square meters,Boutique Hotel and Business Services (Restaurant、Multi -function Hall、Commercial) Appointment1.810,000 square meters, green space rate27%. Plan available parking space1000remaining,29Ultra -high -rise elevator partitions are used, which is directly obtained. Use the facadeIn a tickAirLow-EGlass curtain wall decoration, the full development cycle is usedbimApplication Technology。The park's geographical location is superior,Modern architectural image,BuildingElectromechanical equipment is complete,Comprehensive supporting facilities,Completely in line with international standards。

Project advantage:

1.Demonstration Park is divided into six major sectors for China Merchants Enterprises: Natural Resources Leading Area、Industrial Incubation Area、Industrial supporting area、Financial Industrial Zone、Technology Innovation Zone、Headquarters bet365 live casino appbet365 login gamesgathering area。Gather the world500Strong, China500Strong and other outstanding companiesCreate the "Double First" highland of the land industry innovation in Shandong Province and the financial industry,Gradually formed the domestic land industry innovation gathering highland。

2.Golden Transportation Hub。The park is located at the intersection of Jingshi Road and Olympic West Road,Occupy Jinan International Financial City Golden Horn position。With the appearance of the concept of "New Jinan",Olympic body、Wenbo、The International Financial City area is gradually mature,This area has become a new center in Jinan City,The Future of Honorary Cities。Duowei Road network aggregation agglomerationSouth Metro3number,4Line,North and South and East -West Double Line Metro,Sitting in the eastern transportation hub,Changda Jinan East Station、Yao Wall International Airport、West Passenger StationEnjoy wireless and convenient business.

3.Mature community、Gathering of politics and merchants。Surrounding Top 100 Enterprises、Large state -owned enterprise group gathers,Ru Shandong State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission、Shandong Entrepreneurs Federation、Shandong Province bet365 live casino appState -owned Asset Investment Holding Company,World500Qiangxinhua Insurance,PetroChina、CNOOC, etc.,Sitting with high -quality political and business resources。China Resources Vientiane City、Longhu Tianjie,Collection of shopping,Catering,Leisure,Entertainment integration,Forms the "Central Heart -level" business center of the city。Shandong Provincial Museum、Provincial Art Museum、Provincial Archives to form a provincial capital -level cultural center support。Olympic Sports Center,Collection of fitness、Catering、Leisure、Culture、Commercial integration。Shandong ProvinceHigh Court,Provincial Court and Provincial Hospital East Hospital, perfect government affairs facilities.

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