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Taishan Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Park Project

Release time:2021-06-03

Shandong Land Group Taishan Intelligent Manufacturing Science and Technology Park project is Shandong Land Group Tai'an Co., Ltd. passed the docking plan with the Tai'an High -tech Zone Management Committee,For the activation inefficient idleIndustrial Bet365 loginIndustrial Park developed and constructed with land. projectEstablish Shandong Turkey for joint venture by Shandong Land Group Tai'an Co., Ltd. and High -tech Zone High -tech Development Group Co., Ltd.Earth Group (Tai'an High -tech) Co., Ltd. is responsible for organizing implementation.ProjectOccupy Land488.88acres,Plan to build a plant、Office、Scientific Research Incubation and Marketing Center、Road、Landscape、Supporting service facilities such as properties and other supporting service facilities for the total area of ​​the area34.410m² ²48Unit engineering, project plan investment cycle3Year.

The construction of the park will focus on the bet365 live casino appneeds of the settled enterprise,Live Casino bet365Adopt "Customized Construction,Division of transfer "mode,Unified planning and design、Unified style and standard,Based on the high starting point and high standard requirements,Select domestic first -class、Industry leading industrial park professional design troupeTeam,Around industrial operation、Office Service、Energy -saving and environmental protection、Green Ecology、Smart and Wisdom and other aspects of multi -professional cooperation,Formulate integratedProfessional design plan,Strive to make the project into a collection of intelligence、Technology、Humanities、bet365 slotsEcological and other elements iconic parks。GardenArea is dedicatedPlanting small and medium -sized enterprises in Yu cultivation,It is of great significance for helping the conversion of old and new kinetic energy and economic growth。

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