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The Group Corporation organizes the training symbol of bidding commissioner

Release time:2021-12-11

To comprehensively deepen consolidation"Four Promotion" innovative practice activities,Improve the level of bidding and procurement business,Create a strong bidding management service teamOn December 10, the group company heldTraining Symposium for Bidding Commissioner。Member of the Party Committee of the Group Company、Deputy General Manager Ye Jianjun attended the meeting and spoke。

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Ye Jianjun put forward five requirements for all bidders: First, we must carefully study and Bet365 loginimplement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee,Deep understanding"Top Ten Persistence" is the deep meaning of "Top Ten Experience",Giving full development of the spirit of self -revolution、Fighting Spirit、Struggle spirit。Second to talk about procedures、Keep rules,Strict performance of bidding procedures is the prescribed work of state -owned enterprises,It is also the most basic requirement。Third, there must be fixed force,There must be a spirit of selfless and fearless,The bidding position is high in technical content、High -risk positions,Adhere to the principle is both party spirit、Legal requirements,It is also a protection for yourself。Fourth to learn practice,bet365 slotsConstant summary and improvement,The ability to enhance the entrepreneurial entrepreneurs。5、Understand,Integrated into a specific work。

Yang Mingmei, Minister of the Audit Department of the Group Corporation, gave lectures on the issues related to bidding and procurement found in the audit of the group company; Wang Liwei, general manager of Shandong Land Project Management Co., Ltd., combined with common issues in the bidding section of the group company.。Will on the way,Four pilot regional companies and industrial development group bidding commissioners also conducted experience introductions and case sharing on the bidding procurement work,Participants conducted discussions and exchanges on problems and difficulties encountered in the bidding and procurement work。

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The meeting was held bet365 live casino appon -site lectures,All staff members of the bidding management service department、The person in charge of the bidding and procurement of various ownership companies and relevant personnel of Shandong Land Project Management Company attended the meeting。