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The Land Business Department organized an analysis meeting for the 2022 investment and operation plan of the project in 2022

Release time:2021-12-06

In order to further do a good job of management of the Group's investment and operation plan,Accurate grasp2022Annual project reserve, accelerate the group company"1+4+3" modern industrial system landing andInternal collaborationCreate a closed loop of investment in the industry project,11month30Day to12month3rd,Land Business Department organized various ownership second -tier companies to carry out a three -day investment operation plan analysis meeting。

Each company revolves around this year's work and plan next year,Difficulties in the implementation of the project's implementation、Experience and practice,I started a full exchange discussionThe Land Business Department shall implement the project to implement the project in the next year,I am"Cooperation Development、The Principles of the War Zone Cooperation,"Consultation Pulse" from the perspective of policy Live Casino bet365Bet365 loginand market,Discussion project feasibility。and advance from the global project、Business model transformation、Policy risk response、Detailed instructions for extending the income chain and other aspects。

The meeting emphasized that companies should be based on functional positioning and main responsibility,The main advantage direction,Fully collaborative cooperation,Strive to achieve win -win cooperation。Next, the Land Business Department will be rightModifiedThe project is summarized and reviewed,Complete the annual investment and operation plan preparation task of this industry project as soon as possible。

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All staff of the Group'Live Casino bet365bet365 live casino apps Land Business Department、Leaders and related business personnel of various ownership companies participateMeeting