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The Land Business Department organizes a land business training meeting

Release time:2021-09-03

To accelerate the construction of the group company"142" modern industrial system, furtherPromote the development of comprehensive land rectification business of the group; in -depthUnderstand the implementation of the group company's projectSituation, perfectGroupLand project closed -loop managementProcessto ensure the smooth implementation of the project.The Land Business Department organized a one -week business work training meeting,Make a business work for all ownership companies.

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This training meeting period5 days,DailySorting3-5 Turnive Company Projects。Minister of Land Business Department Wang Xiaokui based on the regional resource endowment of various ownership companies and related issues encountered in the current project promotion,Detailed policy interpretation,How to prepare the embodiment、How to grasp the core point and put forward clear requirements。Next,The business department will introduce the guidance of the implementation of the global land comprehensive rectification project in a timely manner,Better to guide the business work of each company。During the business training meeting, the Land Business DepartmentReturnAccording to the current project development situationUsing the Land Resource Information Service Platform for various ownership companiesComb on one by oneUnderstand the implementation of the project,Provide basic data for further improvement of the closure management of the group company's land project。

The meeting emphasized that comprehensive land rectification of the whole region is to implement the group company"142" modern industrial system、Implementation of an important practice to strengthen the thinking of the industry,It is an important starting point to realize the strategy of national rural revitalization and promote the group company's bigger and self -reliance resources。Each company should attach great importance to the promotion of the work bet365 live casino appof the global project,Forming experience,Create highlights,Create a brand。

All personnel and ownership companies of the Group's Land Business DepartmentLeadership andParticipate in related business personnelAddThis training meeting.