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Group Corporation organized a training session for the implementation plan for comprehensive land rectification pilot implementation plan

Release time:2021-08-27

August 26,Group Corporation's Land Business Department organized a training session for the comprehensive land comprehensive rectification pilot implementation plan for the Ministry of Natural Resources,This training is held in the form of live broadcast。

Live Casino bet365The conference collectively learned the "Outline of the Establishment of the Pilot Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Rectification of the Global Land (Trial)",From the overall positioning、Preparation basis、The main content and the main points of the preparation,The writing of the implementation plan of the comprehensive rectification of the whole region made a systematic explanation。

The meeting of the implementation plan for comprehensive rectification of land comprehensive rectification of the whole region、Basic situation、Nine parts of the work foundation of the work have been carefully sorted out and interpreted,Explain the issues that need to be paid attention to during the preparation bet365 live casino appof the plan,Clarified the basic logic of the plan preparation、Basic premise、Basic bottom line and basic points。

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The Land Business Department will take this training as an opportunity,Combined with the current policy requirements,Recently held a land business training meeting,Match a pair of comprehensive land rectification projects of the group one by one,Interpretation of related policies,Promote the smooth progress of the group project。

Group Corporation's Strategic Planning Investment Department、Land Business Department、Finance Management Department、Audit Department、Legal Risk Control Department、Bidding Management Service Department,Stading in JijiThe company's related bet365 live casino appbusiness personnel are at the main venue of the group company,Other second -level companies attend the meeting at each company branch。