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Zouping City's Xiaobei Ridge Damage Mountain Geological Environment Restore Governance Project Signing Ceremony

Release time:2021-08-27

On August 20, Shandong Land Group (Zou Ping) Co., Ltd.HoldZouping City's Xiaobei Ridge Damage Mountain Geological Environment Restore Governance Project Signing Ceremony。Shandong Land Group Binzhou Company Chairman An Feng,The Dean of the First Geological Mineral Exploration Institute Chang Honghua、Federation of Gao Mingbo,Feng Tao, Chairman of Shandong Land Group (Zou Ping) Co., Ltd.、Liu Xudong, Deputy Director of Zou Ping City Natural Resources Bureau,Zou Ping State -owned Asset Investment Holding Co., Ltd. Vice President Wei Zhaoguang Live Casino bet365Bet365 loginand others attended the signing ceremony。

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Zouping's Xijieling Mountains in Xijie Ridge in Zouping City is located in the southwest of Dama Village, Xima Street, Xitong City, Zouping City,The first mining time isSeptember 2004,Turn off time at the end of 2013,Mining method is open -air。Mine mining has brought a huge promotion role to the local economy,At the same time, it also made a huge contribution to national infrastructure,But after long -term mining,The area of ​​the area is severely damaged,Facial rock naked,At the same time, a slag stack、Open Tiandai Pit、A series of mine geological environment problems such as stone picking cliffs and dangerous rock body,severely damaged the surrounding ecological environment,Affects the personal and property security of the people。bet365 login gamesLive Casino bet365At the same time,Bad Mountain is located on the south side of the "Jiqing high -speed rail" line,Affects Zouping's city image。

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 This cooperation takes ecological restoration and reconstruction to improve the geological environment as the goal,For the purpose of benefiting local residents,and provide an experience mode for similar geological environment governance,Provide a basis for the implementation of geological environment governance for the administrative department,Finally improve and beautify the geological environment,Promoting the construction of ecological civilization。

After the signing ceremony,Participants went to the mine to inspect the specific development of the mine。

The signing ceremony is successfully completed, and the two parties will adhere to"Honesty and trustworthy、complementary Bet365 loginbet365 live casino appadvantages、Long -term cooperation、Mutual Winning Win、The spirit of cooperation with high efficiency and winning ",Give full play to the advantages of all parties,Pay a satisfactory answer to the people of Zou Ping。