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Against the audit force to improve the internal trial capacity — the group company's audit department conducts internal auditors training meetings

Release time:2022-01-30

2022yearJanuary 28Day,To comprehensively strengthen the construction of the group company audit team,The Group's Audit Department carried out a one -and -a -half day and a half of the new internal auditors training meeting,Familiar with the Group's basic profile as soon as possible for the new auditors、Management architecture and institutional system、Learn the land business model and business operation mode、Integrated into corporate culture、Quickly change the character,Quickly investing in work Live Casino bet365Lay a good foundation。

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bet365 login gamesDuring the training period,Group Corporation's Financial Management Department、Engineering Management Department、Legal Risk Control Department、Bidding Management Service Department、Audit Department and the relevant leaders of the Urban and Rural Fusion Group、Colleago's management and control system around finance and legal risk control、Land Business、Bidding Purchasing Process、Audit system system and workflow related content to explain and communicate。Participants studied "Group Corporation"Four Promotion" Innovation Practice Activities Year and 2022Annual Work Mobilization Conference "and other recent groups of group conferences,Group corporate culture system、“1+4+3"Modern Industrial System、Group's safety development bet365 live casino appsecurity system and the spirit Bet365 loginof exhibition secretary series of speeches as the focus,It is solidly promoted the work style of "strict and true and fast" and the character and party spirit of "Gongyuan Gao Da Rong"、The spiritual implementation of the instructions of people and things,Around 2022Announcement Department"Internal Trial Work Plan、Audit issues rectification、Innovation of System System、Investment project post -evaluation、Accountability of illegal investment operations "and other 10Temporary work for key tasks for quantitative deployment,Determined working path,Work mode and work standards。

New enrollment auditors said,Through this training, the future work direction and goal,WantWith service group leapfrog high -quality development strategy、Increased Live Casino bet365management level of service enterprises、Bet365 loginIncreased service economic benefits、Service Rights Unit Officer Entrepreneurship,Study and understand carefully,Work hard to dedicate,Really achieve superb business、Pure heart、Seeking truth from facts、Don’t admire the name、Instead of thinking,Strive to be a high -quality Shandong Landman in the new era,Efforts to contribute to the high -quality development of the group company。