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The fundamental motivation of inspiring the courageous advancement of the Communists -one theory to learn and implement General Secretary Xi Jinping in "Do not forget the original intention、Keep in mind the mission "Theme Education Work Conference important speech spirit

Release time:2019-06-20

Find happiness for the Chinese people,Focusing on the Chinese nation,It is the original intention and mission of the Communist Party of China,It is an inspirational generation of Chinese Communists.bet365 live casino app、The fundamental motivation of heroic struggle。5month31Day,General Secretary Xi Jinping is "Don't forget the original heart、Remembering the Mission "Theme Education Work Conference made important speeches,Deeply explain the significance of the theme education,Deeply clarify the target requirements and key measures of theme education,It provides a fundamental pointer for good theme education。Consciously unify the mind and action to the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech,Grasp the implementation,Make sure the theme education achieves solid results,It is an important political task at the current party。

This is the establishment of the People's Republic of China this year70Anniversary,At this moment, "Don't forget the original intention、Keep the mission "theme education,can be described as just right。Stand now、Create a new new starting point of glorious history,Carry out this theme education,It is the urgent need of the whole party with Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics,It is an urgent need to promote the construction of the party in the new era,It is an urgent need to maintain the flesh and blood of the party with the people,It is an urgent need to achieve the target task determined by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China。To improve political standing,Starting from the development of the party and the country's cause,Deeply recognize this theme education,It is a great struggle for Bet365 loginthe Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core、Great Engineering、Great Business、Major deployment made by the great dream,Constantly self -revolution of our party、Promote the Great Social Revolution,To achieve the "two hundred years" struggle target、The Chinese Dream of the Great Revival of the Chinese Nation,It has very significant significance。

Development "Don't forget the original intention、Keep the mission "theme education,Must be firmly grasped、Dressing Mission,Find a gap、Grasp the general requirements for implementation。This total requirement,It is based on the party's construction task of the new era、A prominent problem in the party、Combined with the characteristics of this theme education,It has strong political nature、Thought、Keep the original heart、Guidance。Keep the original heart,Just keep in mind the fundamental purpose、firm ideals and beliefs,Do not forget our party from the people at all times、Genre people,Never leave the masses、Understand the masses、Indifferent people suffering from the suffering of the masses;Dressing Mission,Just keep in mind the historical mission、Courage to take responsibility、Active active as、Maintain the spirit of struggle,Fight all the difficulties and obstacles on the road to the road;Find a gap,It is to compare the party constitution and party regulations,New expectations of the people,Comparison of advanced models、Example around you,Adhere to high bet365 login gamesstandards、Strict requirements,Some targeted rectification;Grab implementation,It is necessary to turn the original mission into party members and cadres for progress、Pioneering and innovative essence and hard work、Conscious action of real work,Promoting the party's route policies and policies to take root。The requirements of these aspects are an interconnected overall,Only fully grasped,Through the whole process of theme education,can we put the positive direction、Find the question、Catch it in implementation,Make sure the expected effect is obtained。

Development "Don't forget the original intention、Keep the mission "theme education,We must firmly grasp the in -depth study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics、Demonstration of loyalty and clean political character、Unity and lead the people of all ethnic groups across the country for the fundamental task of working together to achieve great dreams,Efforts to solve outstanding problems、Real results。We must adhere to the idea of ​​building a party、Theoretical Strong Party,firm "Four Confidence"、firm "Four Confidence"、Get "two maintenance",Constantly build the foundation of faith、Make up the calcium of the spirit、Rite of steady thought;We must conscientiously implement the total requirements of the party's construction in the new era,Run the problem,The advanced nature of the same all affects the party、Weakened the party's purity problems to resolute struggle;To make the masses' perspective、The mass line is deeply bet365 login gamesrooted in thought、Specific implementation to action,Focus on solving the problem of the most active interests of the masses,Building the most reliable class foundation and mass foundation of the long -term governance of the party;To educate and guide the majority of party members and cadres to carry forward the revolutionary tradition and excellent style,Unity leads the people to turn the grand blueprint painted by the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China into a beautiful reality step by step。

Do not forget the original intention and start again,Keep in mind the mission bravery。The majority of party members and cadres are during the theme education process,To combine with actual、Creative development work,Effective theoretical learning is harvested、Ideological and political baptism、Dare to take care of the officer to take care of、Serve problems for the people、Clear and honest workplace,Shoulder the historical mission of the new era,Unity lead the people of all ethnic groups across the country to work unremittingly。