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PLA commemorate: Dare to take care of the officer -three theories to study and implement President Xi in the "not forget the original heart、Remember the Mission "Theme Education Work Conference important speech

Release time:2019-06-20

It ’s difficult to take care of the events, and it is difficult to fight.

"Dare to take care of the business",It is a specific goal proposed by President Xi for this theme education。Carefully study and implement President Xi’s important speech,It is to guide party members and cadres to "keep in mind the historical mission of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in mind,Courage to take responsibility for responsibility,Active active as,Maintain the spirit of the struggle,Dare to face the risk challenge,Under the courage of perseverance and selfless and fearless courage to defeat all Bet365 logindifficult and dangerous obstacles on the road of advanced roads "。

Dare to take responsibility is a political belief、A development ability。Responsibility for responsibility,It is the spiritual style and lofty realm of the Communist Party of China。No responsibility,No dream will be realized。How do the masses see the Communist Party members,Always see if it can stand out at the critical moment,Can you get it out at the crisis。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Outstanding achievements bet365 live casino appin bet365 live casino appvarious undertakings,An important reason is that the majority of party members and cadres do not forget their original intentions、Remember the mission,Courage to take responsibility、Dare to serve as,Always maintain the mental state of never being unswerving and the unprecedented struggle gesture。In this theme education,Also requires party members and cadres to enhance the spirit、Refining the will of will、Establish a responsibility style、Develop a habit of responsibility,Faced with the big non -dare to bright sword,In the face of contradictions, dare to meet the difficulties,Dare to stand up in the face of the crisis,Dare to take responsibility in the face of mistakes,Facing the crooked wind and evil spirits dare to fight resolutely。

Persist in the original heart、Shoulder the mission,Not only the theoretical problem,It is a practical issue; not only an attitude,It is even more responsible。The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be determined to fully build a well -off society in an all -round way、Grand Blueprint for the great victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era。Turn this blueprint into reality,overcome bet365 login gamesthe Bet365 logindifficult and dangerous obstacles on the way forward,It is inseparable from the majority of party members and cadres who dare to take responsibility、Yong as a。"Cadres must have a responsibility,How big can you do to do a big cause。"to carry out this theme education,It is to educate and guide the comrades of the whole party to bear the responsibilities and mission,Get rejuvenating the spirit of the officer entrepreneurship。Facing various risk challenges,According to the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee,Unified Thought、firm confidence,Dare to fight good at fighting,Do a good job,Implement the various tasks of a well -off society in an all -round way。

Dedicated to extraordinary cause,There is a kind of extraordinary spirit、Extraordinary burden。Current,The strong country and strong military career stood at the new historical starting point,The mission placed in front of us is more glorious、The task is more difficult、Challenge is more severe、Great work,Urgently needed the majority of party members and cadres for the army to actively actively、Active as,Get up the sleeve and cheer。Deepen theme education,bet365 slotsInspired the military and cadres of bet365 live casino appthe army to promote the spirit of hard work、Struggle spirit,Study new responsibilities、Show the new as a,can we condense the majesty,Create extraordinary performance in promoting the strong country and strong military。

"Follow the way,Successful things。"" The officer dares to take care of it,Party members and cadres must be courageous to face contradictions,Enhance the spirit of struggle,Struggle、pioneering and aggressive,Knowing the weight、overcome difficulties,Resolutely implement the Party Central Committee、Central Military Commission and President Xi Decision and Deploy,Use the actual actions that dare to take responsibility to interpret loyalty to the party,Efforts to create can withstand practice、People's、Reality of historical test。