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Don’t forget the original mission of Yongli Time -Timing on the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

Release time:2019-07-03

Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Xiaoxi Zhu Jiyi Wang Qi

2019Years07month01Day07:17 Source:People's Daily -People's Daily

98Struggle and hard work, hundreds of millions of people.

Extraordinary original intention and mission,Lead the Communist Party of China from small to big、From Daxiangqiang,Create "the biggest political miracle on the earth",Dreams of this political party and a country、The yearning of a nation、The expectations of hundreds of millions of people are closely integrated,Write the exciting development chapter in human history。

Person happiness for the Chinese people and revive the Chinese nation!

Construction Party98On the eve of the anniversary, the founding of New China70Anniversary、The key stage of decisive victory to build a well -off society,General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized when the 15th collective study of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee,The whole party must never forget the mission in mind,In the new era, push the party's self -revolution to in -depth。

When a Chinese giant wheel drives to the other side of the revival,One is always at the forefront of the times、People sincerely support、Courage to self -revolution、It can withstand various storm tests、Vibrant Marxist ruling party,Standing in the East of the World。

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Established New China70On the eve of the anniversary,Yan'an,This sanctuary that carries the hope of the Chinese revolution,This piece of land in mind the land that the Communist Party of China strives for the original and mission,Proven the world to bid farewell to absolute poverty,226The people of the Wan Lao District opened a new life that rushed towards a well -off.

"I can't recognize you in the past,Mother Yan'an changed new clothes。"created in last century50Dynasties' verses,The new era of the new era is constantly given the connotation of the new era。

"The people's longing for a better life is our goal。"The vow of the Communist Party of China,There is the most vivid and powerful footnote。

Without the Communist Party, there will be no New China -

1949Years10month1Day,Start from the day when this label is changed day by day,The people turn around and become the country's master。

From the survivor of the disaster to the family of happiness,Chang Zhiqiang's journey to lead the people to rewrite the destiny of the Chinese Communist Party,Have a deep experience。

1937Nanjing in the year, Japanese invaders trampled on,9The year old Chang Zhiqiang lost his parents and4a younger brother。A orphan,I don’t know where tomorrow,I don’t know what life is waiting for。Now,already91The old age of Chang Zhiqiang,Fourth Date,Some of the grandchildren are middle school teachers、Some are software R & D staff。

"Have a good life,There is a happy family,A stable old age,Children have dreams,There is pursuit,Hope。All this,All from the Communist Party。”

In the ups and downs of historical trends,Personal sadness and joy is the epitome of the rise and fall of the nation。No political party,Can understand China's national conditions better than the Communist Party of China,better understand the desire of the Chinese nation,Know the shout of the Chinese people better,Can carry historical mission more。

Beacon28year, ruling70Load,The Communist Party of China will grow its own growth and a country、A nation、The fate of hundreds of millions of people is closely linked,With consistent original intention and mission,Realize the magnificent development and progress of a country,Create a completely different history from the past,Keep pushing the freedom and happiness of the Chinese people to a brand new height。

Without the Communist Party, there is no socialism with Chinese characteristics -

Science and Technology Ban Sailing,Shanghai London Stato officially launched ... Facing the changing international situation,China Deepening Reform、The pace of expanding openness is firm and calm。

1978Years12month18Day。The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party is like spring thunder to wake up the earth,Reform and opening up has become a key trick to determine the fate of contemporary China。

40Deep changes for many years,Reborn the appearance Bet365 loginLive Casino bet365of the Chinese people,Reshape the appearance of the Chinese nation,reshape the appearance of socialist China。Someone made some ideas,If a person1978I have been to China in the year,Now again,He will definitely doubt that he has gone the wrong place。

A great change,It is those who have never changed。From "kill a blood road" to "Broken a new road",Leading the road is not forgetting the original heart、The Communist Party of China that keeps your mission in mind。This party that has gone through suffering clearly clearly realizes,Whether it is for the happiness of the people,Still realizing national rejuvenation,"Development is the last word"!

Avenue of Avenue,One of the one。Glory Thought,Light future。Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era carry the original intention and mission of the Communist Party of China,Open the new realm of Marxism、New realm of socialism with Chinese characteristics、New realm of governing the country and governing the country、New realm of governing the party。

China Today,Continue yesterday's Rongguang,Open Tomorrow's Hope,The party's innovation theory is surging everywhere、The deep power of condensing strength,Dream chasing movements that are exciting everywhere。

This is a happy China: Have coverage13The world's largest social security network, creating annual poverty reduction1300Miracles of poverty alleviation in more than 10,000 people, and middle -income groups continued to expand.

This is an innovative China: alone this year5Month as a incision to see,A Beidou No. 2 satellite successfully launched,Chang'e 4 new discovery confirmed the Monthful Mantra,"Heavy gas turbines" independently developed breakthroughs ...。

This is a flowing China: exceeds every day1.4million pieces of express delivery, average daily exceeding1500More than 10,000 people travel, high -speed rail mileage is close to310,000 kilometers, the size of mobile phone netizens exceeds8billion ... people flow、Logistics、The information flow makes the sea of ​​Chinese economy full of prosperity and development,Become a "burning agent" for the rapid development of China。

This is a beautiful China: the construction of ecological civilization is included in the "five -in -one" overall layout,Green Development、Low -carbon development,Let people enjoy rich material wealth,Can look at the starry sky、See Qingshan、smelling flower fragrance。

This is an open China: from holding the first China International Import Expo to the formulation of foreign investment,From reducing tariff levels to expanding foreign market access,The pace of China's reform will not stagnate,Open door will only open and larger。

No Communist Party,There is no glorious future of a modern power -

Report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,It is the Chinese Communist Party in the new era.、Remember the political declaration of mission,It is also the latest strategic plan that leads socialist China to steadily modernization。In this report,The Communist Party of China announced its own power schedule to the world。

This is firm and confident.

70Over the year,The Communist Party of China has faced a lot of questions。Born from New China, those who believe that "the Communist Party cannot solve its own economic problems,China will always be the chaos in the world ",When the Su Dong opera changes, those public opinion that speculates "China will soon be caught up",The "singing and declining China" tone in front of the crisis challenge ...

70During the year,The Communist Party of China surrendered a answer sheet worthy of history and the people,Let people who are not optimistic about China look back and respect China,Let more and more people go to the table "Beijing Time"、Listen to "Chinese Voice"、Optimistic "China Miracle"。

History, always inspire people in special year.2019Year, May 4th Movement100Anniversary.

"Establish the Communist Party of China、Established the People's Republic of China、Promoting the cause of reform and opening up and socialism with Chinese characteristics,It is the three major historical events that have occurred in my country since the May 4th Movement,It is the three milestones that have achieved the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation since modern times。"" General Secretary Xi Jinping's words are loud。

From standing up、Rich up to get stronger,A historical process that has never been interrupted,One by one rotation one after another,An increasingly exciting symphony of the melody ... All these realizations,All because of the Communist Party of China!

Positive Tao vicissitudes: The distinctive character of the Communist Party of China,Is the Marxist party insisted on the original heart、Shoulder the mission、The fundamental guarantee of always struggle

Why is it the Communist Party of China? Why can the Communist Party of China be?

I only understand the loyalty of this Marxist party for faith、Sincerity of feelings、Franky of mistakes,We can realize nearly a century,The greatness of those 荡、Can be called the legendary great cause、The great power of changing the earth will be changed all day。

If not that accident,Zhong Yongchun is expected to realize his greatest wish,Become a Communist Party member。

2018Years5month30Day,The night of thunderstorms,Bet365 loginThis poverty alleviation bet365 login gamescadre, Xiaomi Township, Huichang County, Jiangxi, returns from poor households to the home government in the poor households,A traffic accident on the way,Life is always fixed in25years old.

Heartache! Don't give up!,This loyal guy thinks for us everywhere,Knowing that everyone wants to do farm work during the day,Always come home after dinner,It is often dark before visiting。

Blood, always hot. Zhong Yongchun's great -grandfather Zhong Tonggui1932Participate the revolution in the year,1934Annual Suizheng North,No audio,Later by the civil affairs department as martyrs。Young later person,Spread the blood of youth on the battlefield of poverty alleviation ...

Revolution、Construction、Reform,How much is decisive when you go to the fire when you go to the fire,How much is unyielding when you are trapped,How many execution grounds are justified when they are righteous,How much hard work and dedication,How much is selfless and selfless forgotten when you stick to ordinary,Write the heroic epic of the Communists who goes forward to succession,Interpretation of the original intention and mission of the century -old party's continued struggle。

98Turn the first heart like Pan,Because the Communist Party of China is a mission party,She holds up his faith torch,I have never forgot to start。

light always burst out at the darkest moment.1921The sultry summer of the year,The founders of the Communist Party of China have firmly selected Marxism in various trends of thought,Not only laid the theoretical cornerstone of this political party,Also answered a practical question of "where to go" with poverty and weak country。

What kind of belief I chose,What kind of road is selected。

Centennial Search by the Communist Party of China,Is a magnificent journey to the most lofty social ideal of human beings。For this belief,The Communist Party of China combines the basic principle of Marxism with the specific practical of China,Actively explore the rules of the Communist Party、Laws of socialist construction、Laws of human society development,Never take the closed and rigid road,Never take the evil road that changed the flag。

Shikumen of the French Concession,The CCP Ceremony Memorial Hall, which has visited people from all over the country and even the world,。Inside the door,Coormosis Remember the righteousness of the Chinese Communists for the original and mission。Outside the museum,The change of the change is full of affection: Marx、Engels envisaged to the beautiful prospects of human society,It will continue to be vividly displayed on the land of China。

98Turn the first heart like Pan,Because the Communist Party of China is the party of the people,Her heart of the Chizi,I have never forgotten "For whom、Who rely on、Who am I "。

In the heart of the Communist Party,What is the people? "The people are the source of our strength。"" The people are the solid foundation of the Republic,The people are the biggest base of our governance。”

In the eyes of the people,What is the Communist Party? The Communist Party has a quilt,Also cut the next half to the people of the people。

This is theoretically clearly proposed、In practice, it is clearly required to understand the people who take the people's interests as the starting point and ending point.,I often think of the people in my heart,The strategy of making the people in the brain often seek rich people,Our party can always win the trust and support of the people,Our career can have the inexhaustible source of power。

"The last grain,It is for military food; the last piece of cloth,I made military uniforms; the last son,Send it to the army。"This song of the year,Together with countless stretchers、Driver,Talking about the fish and water of hundreds of millions of people and the Communist Party、Film and blood。

Time circulation, feelings eternal.

This year3month,President Xi Jinping agreed with the Disciplinary Speaker Photo to hold a meeting。Speaker of Photo asked President Xi Jinping a question,"I am elected as the Speaker of the Stagencies and I am very excited,and China is so big,You are a leader in such an important country in the world,What do you think? "President Xi Jinping's tone is firm:" I will have no me,Fell in the people。I am willing to do a state of ‘selflessness’,Dedicate yourself for the development of China。”

"I will have no self,Felling in the people ",This is the vow of the leader of the great power,This is the true color of the century -old party。

98Turn the first heart like Pan,Because the Communist Party of China is the team of the revolutionary,Her Revolutionary Spirit,I have never slackened on the road to "rushing"。

History of a Communist Party of China,It is a history of struggle to achieve transcendence and development in self -revolution。This party born from the revolution,There is "Rush of History,Cleef the accumulation of history,Life of the New Nation ",It also has a soberness that promotes the social revolution with self -revolution。

Dawn of the revolutionary victory,The founders of New China clearly pointed out,Be sure to keep the comrades continue to be humble、Cute、Not arrogant、Not irritable style,Be sure to keep the comrades continuing to maintain a hard work style。

Take the pace of chasing the world,Chief designer of reform and opening up in depth,What kind of party should the ruling party be,What should the party members of the ruling party be qualified,How can the party be good at leaders。

Drive to the other side Bet365 loginof the national rejuvenation,bet365 slotsThe leader of the new era warned the whole party,It is necessary to make the great social revolution in adhere to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Our party must be brave to carry out self -revolution,Building the party is stronger and stronger。

A notice on "Notice on Solving the Primitive Problem of Formism as the Burning of the Grassroots" issued by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,Let2019I have a special identity in the year -the year of the burnout reduction。"Reduce", "Compression", "No more" ... A series of real tricks proposed in the notice,Demonstrate the Chinese Communist Party's comprehensive and strict governance of the party、Fighting determination to grasp the construction of style。

Even the most stringent observer,Do not have to recognize that the Communist Party of China has super strong self -purification ability。This except the country、National、The interests of the people,Marxist party without any special interests,Use persistent self -improvement,Not upset the original heart,No humiliation mission。

For faith,For the people,Self -Revolution,Fighting! Communist Party of China,Centennial is just Fenghua Zhengmao。

Eternal youth: the original mission of the Communist Party of China,Is the Future of the Centennial Party for the future、Face the challenge、The inexhaustible motivation of Yongli Chaotou

The water of the Dudu River flows quietly,Epic Expedition Story of the Communist Party of China,Endless spread。

This year5Month, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Jiangxi for inspection. "future70year, the key is the future30Years。This is the time for us to achieve the goal of 'two hundred years''。As long as we maintain firm ideals and beliefs and strong revolutionary will,You can go one by one in the past,What trap,What are you chasing and blocked,What blocking line,Throw them behind! "General Secretary Xi Jinping's words are inspiring。

Thousands of mountains and rivers,Don’t forget to come when you come。Continue to travel mountains and wading,The Communist Party of China must be prepared to pay more difficult、More difficult effort。

Examine yourself,Under long -term governance conditions,Various weakened party's advanced nature、Factors that harm the party's purity are always available,Various violations of the original intention and mission、The danger of shaking the foundation of the party is everywhere,"Four Tests" and "Four Dangers" are still complicated and severe;

Look at the country,China, which is in the "two hundred years" historical conversion period,Reform and development Stable tasks are arduous and heavy,Preventing and resolving major risks、Precision poverty alleviation、Three major battles in pollution prevention and control;

Topping global,Trade protectionism will come back、Unilateralist look up,The World Political Economic Foreign Store is experiencing a big change,Unstable and uncertain factors increase ...

The key stage of overcoming difficulties,Create a new glorious new starting point,Develop in the whole party "Don't forget the original intention、Keep the mission "theme education,It is a great struggle for the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core、Great Project、Great Business、Major deployment made by the great dream,Just time、It is profound meaning。

"Don't forget the original heart、Keep in mind the mission to achieve the joint efforts of the whole party,Each party member、Cadres, especially leading cadres, must always worry about the party、The responsibility of the party、The Blood of the Strong Party,Actively devote themselves to this theme education。"General Secretary Xi Jinping issued a call to the whole party。

Eternal Youth、Study forward,We must always adhere to the guidance of scientific theory。

The theoretical innovation of the party is further advanced,Theoretical armed forces must follow。

Beijing Book Building,"Xi Jinping's New Age of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era" is on the shelf,Just attract readers to stop and read。

All in the country,From the party and government agency、People's group to enterprises and institutions,The majority of party members and cadres are based on "don't forget the original heart、Keep in mind the mission "theme education deployment requirements,Reading the original work、Xueyuan text、The principle of enlightenment,In the process of learning deeply, Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Turn the original intention and mission into a party member and cadre for progress、Pioneering and innovative energy and hard work、True Conscious Action,Promoting the party's route policy and policies to take root。

Eternal Youth、Study forward,The cornerstone of the ideals and beliefs must always be built。

Summer,The Iron Man Wang Jinxi Memorial Museum of Daqing, Heilongjiang,We ushered in a group of party members and cadres who relive their original intentions。

"I would rather live for 20 years,Desperate to win the big oil field "... pictures、Piece、A touching story in a paragraph,Passing the surging "dare to teach the sun and the moon to change the new heaven"、"Revolutionary people are always young" hot,Shocking people present。

Live Casino bet365bet365 slotsDedicated to extraordinary cause,must have extraordinary spiritual inspiration and condensation。

This is the moving scene of the Communists in the new era in the new era: in Judong Cave、Bai Gongguan and other revolutionary traditional education bases,Party members and cadres revisit the "Eight Articles in Prison",Feeling the weight of the ideals and beliefs; between Cangsong Cuipu in Xibaipo, Hebei,Party members and cadres revisit the party's oath,Determine on the way to "catch the test" ... Standing at a new historical starting point,Chinese Communists against the Party Constitution and Party Regulations,Modeling for example,New expectations of the people,Guben Peiyuan、Casting Soul Supplemental Calcium。

Eternal Youth、Study forward,We must always uphold the background color that is clean and honest。

From time to time for merit,Continuously lighten up eight provisions of the "golden business card" for the construction of this style,To the key breakthrough,Concentrate to eliminate formalist bureaucracy "big enemies"; never tolerate,The decision of "It is advisable to chase the leftovers to chase the poor" and insist on fighting the tiger to shoot the fox hunt,to the specimen and the same rule,Deepen the reform of the national supervision system with the spirit of reform and innovation;,Vigorously rectify the corruption and style of the masses,Dig a detailed check to deeply,Resolutely kill the "protective umbrella" behind the evil forces,Continuously enhance the sense of security of the people ...

towards "Haiyan Heqing、Langlang Qiankun "of the great goal,In the new era, the Chinese Communists have all influenced the party's advanced nature、Weakened the party's purity problems to resolute struggle,Vigorously create a positive political ecology,Always insist on promoting the social revolution with self -revolution,Hao Ran's positive energy of the party's construction stimulates the strong positive energy of the unity and forge ahead of the whole society。

Eternal Youth、Study forward,It must always show the act of doing it。

This year6month17Day evening,Li Wuyun, deputy captain of the Songjiaba Squadron of the Changning County Brigade of Yibin City, Yibin City, Sichuan,It's about to go to bed,Earthquake strike。Receive the instructions of the superior,He quickly organizes rescue power,Take the rolling stone and the aftershock advance to the earthquake。

"When the people need it,We will come forward,Never retract,We have to practice the firefighter finger -finger warrior to dance with actual actions、The sacred mission of the people's dedicated to the people。"Li Wuyun said。

Disaster situation is command。On the large and small resettlement points of the Changning earthquake area,What can be seen everywhere is the temporary party branch in the tent、Party member service team,The most eye -catching is the high tree flag and the party emblem worn by the party members。

The key to doing China is the party. One with9000The Great Party of more than 10,000 party members,Only myself is strong,can we pick up the burden、Affordable to carry the mission。

The front line of reform and development,Party members and cadres must be a promising "pioneering cow"; the most cutting -edge scientific and technological innovation,Party members and cadres must be a "dream -chase person" who is aspiring to move forward;,Party members and cadres must be a "strong home" that is only competing for night.

Looking back98Years,Xiongguan Man Dao is like iron。The Communist Party of China has been on the historical stage to grasp the national regime,From governing China to List Revival,Not accidental,but the power of the original intention and mission,Is the choice of the people、The inevitable of history。

Looking forward to the future,Now walk from scratch。Don’t forget the original heart,turn the original intention to perseverance,Keep the mission in mind,regards the mission as life。The Communist Party of China will definitely use more powerful leadership、Cognition、Cohesion and combat power,Yongli Tide、Continue struggle,From victory to new victory。

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"People's Daily" ( 2019Years07month01Day 01 Edition)