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People's Daily commentator: cracking problems in investigation and research -On the solid development of "Do not forget the original intention、Keep Mission "theme education

Release time:2019-07-03

Chinese Communists' Revolution、Construction、Grab reform,It has always been to solve China's realistic problems。To solve actual problems,Carving the boat for a sword,Mainly cars when closed doors,It is bet365 live casino appeven bet365 live casino appmore like a whimsical,Must conduct a comprehensive and in -depth investigation and research。

This time in the whole party, "Don't forget the original heart、Keep Mission "theme education,Investigation and research is the way,The whole process of theme education must be penetrated。The first batch of "don't forget the original heart、Keep in mind the mission "since the development of themes,All departments and units in various regions and various departments conscientiously implement the party's central deployment,Closely combined with the actual situation,Specific investigation and research,Focus on solving problems found in the investigation and research,Promoting investigation and research continues to go deep。

Investigation and research is the foundation of conspiracy、The way of success。General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized,The wind of investigation and research in the whole party。The first article stipulated in the eight items of the Central Committee,is to improve survey and research。An important purpose of this theme education,is education guiding the majority of party members and cadres to understand the people's sentiments、Master the truth,Clarify what the problem is、Where is the crux of the symptoms,Take the real hard trick of cracking problems。The central government clearly requires that "investigation and research must closely implement the socialist thought of socialist characteristics bet365 live casino appwith bet365 slotsChinese bet365 slotsbet365 slotscharacteristics in the new era、General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and instructions of the spirit of the spirit and the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee,Related while studying while studying while checking,Deepen understanding and perception in the investigation,Find method measures to solve problems in the process of theoretical connection。"" Only aiming at the real problem,True Kung Fu,Power ring formalism、bureaucracy,can the process of investigation a process of deepening the understanding of the party's innovation theory,Become a process of maintaining flesh and blood with the people,Become a process of promoting career development。

Careful investigation and research,Persist in problem -oriented。To focus on solving actual problems,Carrying out investigations and research in a targeted manner,Responsibility for investigation and research and performing duties、Completion of the task of completing the party's central government is combined with what is currently doing。To combine their respective responsibilities and tasks,Copy various challenges、Cracking reform difficulties, etc. as research content。Investigation should keep an eye on the problem,Touched the truth,Analysis Covenant,Research proposes to solve problems、Improve work ideas and measures and measures。Questions Live Casino bet365on the Live Casino bet365research and development,I can do it immediately。

Careful investigation and research,Pay attention to starting from actual。Investigation and research must insist on seeking truth from facts,Establish a practical style of seeking truth and pragmatic,Deeper deepen,Avoid one -size -fits -all、Surfaceization,Resolutely prevent investigations for research,Prevent "one car、Meet a house、Speaking of Draft ",Preventing a pile survey、"Show Show" survey。Light car simplified Cong,Do not engage in layers of accompany,Can't increase the burden on the grassroots。To strengthen coordination and coordination,Reasonably determine the subject of the survey、Time、Place, etc.,No hard specifications and number of days,Prevent from departure from his job。The results of the survey must have something to say,Analysis of the situation、There are ideas and measures to solve problems,Make sure the survey results are transformed into specific actions to solve problems。

Based on the in -depth study theory and solid research,Members of the leadership team should talk about the special party lesson。The main responsible comrades must take the lead,Members of other teams go to the area or grass -roots units to speak。Party lessons should highlight targetedness,Tightly combined with learning and research results,Focus on learning Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism bet365 live casino appwith bet365 slotsChinese bet365 slotsbet365 slotscharacteristics in the new era,Especially General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Don’t forget the original heart、Keep in mind the mission "important exposition of the understanding experience,Speaking of the gap and deficiencies,Talking guidance practice、Thinking measures to promote improvement work,Talking about the original heart、The perception of the responsibility。

"Can't practice a word,Wan Ten Volumes Vanity。"" "Party and the country's cause development,It is inseparable from the whole party、True Grabbing。The whole party is closely combined with the actual situation,Creative conducting survey research,We will definitely detect more truth、Multiple solution problems,Promote the implementation of the party's central government decision -making deployment,Efforts to create can withstand practice、People's、Reality of historical test。

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