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Thought vertical and horizontal: focus on reviewing the formalism of rectification

Release time:2019-07-17

Author: Yu Zhizhi

"Don't forget the original heart in the whole party、Keep in mind the mission "in the theme education,Formatism is a prominent problem that needs to be carefully examined and rectified。

Formatism departs from the ideological style and work style of our bet365 login gamesparty's truth -seeking,Det off from our party's original intention and mission。Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,The Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core insists on comprehensively and strictly govern the party,The party's style construction has achieved significant results,"Four Winds" including formalism are effectively curbed。But the problem of "Four Winds" is stubborn、Repeatability,Rectification "Four Winds" requires unremitting grasp、For a long time。Current,There are still too many conference documents in some places and departments、Fill in the form and leave too much marks、Supervisory and assessment such as too many formalism,Cadres and the masses are strongly reflected。All these,Let some party members, cadres, especially grass -roots party members and cadres be too busy、Can't get the ground,But busy but disorder、Busy and invalid or even busy errors。As a result, party members and cadres lack a sense of accomplishment、The masses lack the sense of gain,Even the timing of reform and development。

Fight for the issue of rectification formalism,Need to be from tables and inside,For the region、This department、The formalism of this unit performs a "big start",Check the "lesion" clearly,Dig out bet365 slotsthe "sick root"。Don’t be intentional for implementing the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee、Not pragmatic、Without trying,Slogit shocks、The problem of light fluttering in action,To combine different periods、Different regions、Different performance of different departments conducts investigation,Find both "old faults" and "new disease",Find both "epidemic" and find "local disease",In particular, those virtual and commissioned snakes、Hide a deeper "soft nail" screening。Check the problem of lack of political discipline and political rules from the depths,Finding the party's position and the unstable problem of people's position from the root。

Fight for the issue of rectification formalism,Need to get up from point to face,Resolutely prevent and correct the loss of the benchmark for width、Applying strategies lost to pine、Execution of the problem that is lost in softness,Correct the wind with strict and strict style、Position Qingyuan。The list must be clear at a glance,Focus on the difficult points of the units in the region,Again another three、From point to face,Blame the hard scale、Drawing from a hard bar、The number of hard tricks is on,Can try to be as specific as possible、This quantified must be quantified,Never speak unknown、Vague resignation,Live Casino bet365Formatism against formalism。Implementation must be done,One problem and one problem solving,A node, a node, persist,Let the iron regulations become force、Forbidden order,Can't let the policy get out of trust、Disappointment of cadres and masses。Rectification should be strict to the end,Both the Thunderbolt and the "Tackling Battle",More "long -lasting war" with strong perseverance,Extracting the stubborn illness for a while、Song for a while,Rain over the ground wet、The wind is over no trace。Must not be loose at all times、Do not give up、Comprehensive and strict,Really strict atmosphere、Yan Cheng Climate、Yan Cheng's habit。Increase public opinion supervision,The name of the name of the name is exposed、empty guns、Placing Zi、The negative typical example of making looks,Let the lazy administration be slammed by everyone、There is nowhere to 遁。

Fight for the issue of rectification formalism,Need to take the lead of the superior authority,Leading cadres at all levels of physical strength。Whether it is investigation or inspection and assessment,Take as far as possible not to issue notifications、Do not say hello、Do not need to accompany the reception、Go straight to the grassroots、Working method of direct insertion,Dare to grasp the problem in the face of problems,Solve the problem to see bet365 live casino appthe bottom zero,Play in real、The excellent style of the hard touch is the standard of the grassroots、as a demonstration,Give full play to the key minority "head geese effect"。Improve issues found、disposal、Supervision mechanism,Check it if you find it.、Fight on the display,Frequent grasp of long -lasting for a long time; establishment more targeted、More scientific inspection and evaluation method,Work measures、Promotional means、Power Equipment Coordinated。V strongly selection and dare to be responsible、Courage to take responsibility、Good at、Cadres with outstanding performance,Focus on deepening reform、Test the spirit and ability level of the cadre in the cracking problem,The flag is clear for cadres who dare to take on their backs,Strongly providing a stage for cadres who are good at being good,Forms the implementation of the heartless grasp、The vivid situation of letting go of the hands and feet work。