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bet365 slotsA comprehensive land comprehensive rectification project in Huicu Town, Anqiu City

Release time:2021-06-03

The Global Land Comprehensive Remediation Project in Huicu Town is a rural revitalization Qilu model demonstration project jointly created by the group company and the people's government of Anqiu City,Plan total investment of 2 billion yuan。Mainly relying on the typical mountainous area and superior resource endowment of Huicu Town,Protective development of ancient villages and bet365 live casino appagricultural products of green ecology,Through the implementation of farmland remediation projects、Farmers' Residence Project、Ecological Repair Project "Three Projects",Improve production conditions、Living space、Ecological Environment,Importing emerging industries,Create a rural revitalization model for the development of production and living ecology,Practicing the green mountains and green mountains is the "two mountains" theory of Jinshan Yinshan。

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