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Science and Technology Innovation Project -Soil Repair R & D Center

Release time:2021-06-03

The project is located in the Chemical Industry Park, Xiaying, Changyi City, Weifang,The core positioning is to repair the soil、Ecological Environmental Repairing Industry of Bet365 loginbet365 slotsFarmland Improvement and Manage、Product planning、Scientific research experiments、Production test、Soil repair、High -tech integration and conversion, etc., such as a comprehensive soil restoration research and development incubation base,Create a high -end scientific research platform for the group company、It is important to improve the ability of independent technology innovation,It is the best path for the group company to change its strategic layout to "technology -based" enterprises。

After the project is implemented,It will rely on project needs to continuously Bet365 loginbet365 live casino appcarry out research and development, incubation and practice accumulation,With the leading technical reserve、Scientific talent echelon、Advanced patented technology、Strong independent research and development capabilities and perfect materials production workshops,Construction into a well -known soil repair technology in China、Material R & D、Talent Training Scientific Research Base。and will fully promote the country、Provincial soil restoration industry experimental base,Experimental experiments for industry scientific research、Patented bet365 login gamesresults Live Casino bet365transformation provides high -level platform support,Provide a strong hardware power basis for the group's high starting point entering the soil repair industry。