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Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd. 2023 midterm information announcement

Release time:2023-08-31


Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.

2023Announcement of mid -year information


1. The basic situation of the company

(1) Basic information

1.Company full name:Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.;

Company abbreviation: Shandong Land、Shandong Land Group、Shandong Land Development Group。

2.Legal representative: Li Bo;

3.Registered capital:100billion;

4.Registration date:2015year11month5Day;

5.Address: Olympic West Bet365 loginbet365 login gamesRoad, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province2688No. Shandong Land Development Group.

6.Business scope: market -oriented operation tasks of land resource elements; major transportation facilities、Comprehensive development of land and important sections along the line and important sections; develop urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linked、Comprehensive land rectification、Development of unused land、Soil pollution control and repair service、Mine Ecological Environment Recovery Service、Natural Resources Asset Management Third -Party Service、Investment and construction of reclamation projects; use land resources and land elements to carry out investment and financing and capital operations; carry out comprehensive land development and utilization; equity investment and management。

The above -mentioned business scope is based on the scope of business approved by market supervision and management agencies。Projects that must be approved by the law,It can be carried out after approval by relevant departments。7.Contact information:


Fax number:0531-55769716

(2) Company profile

Shandong Land Group is the provincial government2015Annual batch of provincial management functional state -owned bet365 slotsLive Casino bet365capital investment and operation companies,Mainly around the Provincial Party Committee、The Provincial Government's major development strategy,Land development、Organize and operate,Activating and inefficient use and idle land,Improve the value of land assets,Investment and financing and capital operation,Provide financial support and land guarantee for the construction of major infrastructure and economic and social development in the province。

According to the Provincial Party Committee、The functional positioning and development strategy determined by the provincial government,The Group actively undertakes the market -oriented operation task of provincial land resource elements,Give play to the factor guarantee function,In -depth participation in the comprehensive remediation of the global land、Village revitalization Qilu model creation、Mine green repair governance and development、Ecological protection and high -quality development in the Yellow River Basin,Created a series of model projects with leading effects,It has been rated as "Shandong Excellent Enterprise", "Shandong Province Civilized Unit", "Shandong Social Responsible Enterprise",Domestic for evaluationAAACredit rating, Moody'sA3, FitchA-High -level international rating.

Bet365 loginbet365 slots2. Main accounting data and financial indicators

Total assets5,988,477.3710,000 yuan, total liabilities3,965,282.6610,000 yuan, owner's rights2,023,194.7110,000 yuan. Total operating income460,974.2710,000 yuan, operating cost372,058.7110,000 yuan, total profit22,124.1810,000 yuan, net profit7,185.0910,000 yuan.

Three, the implementation of financial budget

(1) Total operating income:460,974.2710,000 yuan, complete the annual budget45.63%

(2) Total profit:22,124.1810,000 yuan, complete the annual budget92.74%

Fourth, major events that occurred in the quarter

(1)1month6Day,from Volkswagen Newspaper Group (Volkswagen Daily)、Shandong Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce、The State -owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee of the Shandong Provincial People's Government、Shandong Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau、"2022Shandong Social Responsible Enterprise (Entrepreneurs) "selection activity,Shandong Land Development Group、Shandong Yellow River Ecological Development Group was evaluated "2022Shandong Social Responsible Enterprise ".

(2)3month3Day,The Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee announced the decision of the Provincial Party Committee: Comrade Hu Yuanqiao was appointed as a member of the group party committee、Deputy Secretary、Director、General Manager。

(3)4month13Day,Group held a meeting of leading cadres,Announced the decision of the Provincial Party Committee: Comrade Li Bo served as a member of the group party committee、Secretary、Director、Chairman; due to age,Comrade Zhan Baowei no longer serves as the party committee secretary of the group、Member、Chairman、Director。

(4)5month17Day,According to the unified deployment of the provincial party committee on inspection,Hold the Provincial Party Committee's Inspection Team of the Provincial Land Development Group Co., Ltd.。