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Shandong Land Group Zibo Co., Ltd. 2022 information disclosure

Release time:2023-06-30

Shandong Land Group Zibo Co., Ltd.2022 information disclosure


    According to the "Shandong Land Group Zibo Co., Ltd. information disclosure management measures(Interim) ",Now the information of Zibo Co., Ltd. Zibo Co., Ltd. is now available as follows:

    1. Basic information of the enterprise

    Name: Shandong Land Group Zibo Co., Ltd.

    Social credit code:91370303MA3UH5B57U

    Type: Co., Ltd.

    Legal representative: Zheng Wei

    Registered capital: 100 million yuan

    Establishment time:December 2, 2020

    Bet365 loginResidence: Bet365 loginBiomedical Innovation Park, High -tech Zone, Zibo City, Shandong ProvinceBlock A 1802

    Business scope: General project: land remediation service; land use right lease; non -residential real estate leasing; soil pollution control and repair service,Ecological recovery and ecological protection services; water environmental pollution prevention and control services; water pollution control; soil environmental pollution prevention and control services; land survey and evaluation services; ecological resource monitoring; agricultural surface source and heavy metal pollution prevention technology services; soil and soil loss control services; Engineering management services; construction of garden greening engineering; urban greening management; construction of earth and stone engineering; construction of construction stone; sales material sales; sales of metal ore; sales of metal materials; non -metal mine and product sales; lime and plaster sales; non -metal mineral products; non -metal mineral products; non -metal mineral products;、Sales、Processing、Transportation、Storage and other related services; low -temperature storage (excluding projects that need to be permitted for approval for dangerous chemicals); sales of agricultural and sideline products; wholesale edible agricultural products; preliminary processing of edible agricultural products; planting of bet365 login gamesChinese bet365 live casino appherbal medicines; planting of bamboo planting; planting oil -containing; oil planting; oil planting; oil planting; oil planting; oil planting; oil planting; oil planting; ; Leisure and sightseeing activities; planning and consulting of tourism development projects; park management services; big data services; cloud computing equipment technology services; industrial Internet data services; resource regeneration utilization technology research and development; natural ecosystem protection management; new material technology promotion service,Biomass Energy Technology Services; Contract Energy Management,Energy -saving technology R & D in the mining industry; solar power generation technology services; wind power generation technology services; asset management services invested by owned funds。(Except for the project that must be approved in accordance with the law,Autonomous business activities based on business licenses) permit projects: construction project construction; construction professional operations; land and space planning preparation; construction intelligent system design; mineral resources exploration; mining resources (non -coal mine mountains) mining; main crops seeds Production; surveying and mapping services (projects required according to law,Only after approval by relevant departments,The specific business items are subject to the approved documents of relevant departments.

    bet365 login games2. Corporate governance and management structure, important personnel changes

    Shandong Land Group Zibo Co., Ltd.'s existing governance and management structure is as follows:

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    February 2022,Zhang Xingwang is the Deputy General Manager of Zibo Co., Ltd., Shandong Land Group。

    3、The main financial status and business results of the enterprise、State -owned capital preservation and value -added

As of2022bottom, Zibo Company's total assets10,79.369 million yuan,Total liabilities 4.806 million yuan,owner's equity 10,31.363 million yuan。

2022degreeRealize operating income90.866 million yuanTotal profit1.7155 million yuan.

    4. Financial budget implementation

In 2022, Zibo's realizationBusiness income90.866 million yuan,Total profit of 1.7155 million yuan

    5. The result of major restructuring and reorganization of the enterprise


    6、Transfer information through property rights markets and information increase in corporate capital increase


    Seven、Rectification of supervision and inspection issues disclosed in accordance with the requirements of relevant departments、The development of major emergencies and emergency disposal


    8. Enterprise performance of social responsibility

2022In mid -March Zibo outbreak, ZhoucunConstructionFang Caval Hospital urgently need hydropower workers, lack of epidemic prevention materials,The company sent hydropower workers and managers for common23,Unpaid Aid Construction Fang Card HospitalDonation at the same timeSeveral anti -epidemic materialsA help at the crisis,I got affirmation from the local party committee bet365 live casino appand government and leaders,bet365 live casino appShow the red state -owned enterprise of Shandong Land Group、The image of courage to take responsibility。

August 2022,Zibo Company sent a volunteer service team,Go to Yintai City Golden Street to carry out volunteer service activities; and go to the national nucleic acid detection point,Assistance to carry out nucleic acid testing。

    9. Other information that should be made public in accordance with laws and regulations