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Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd. 2022 Finance and other major information announcements

Release time:2023-06-30


Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.

2022Annual Finance and other major information announcements



Important Tips


The board of directors of the company and all directors guarantee that there is no false record in the content of this announcement、misleading statement or major omissions,The authenticity of its content、Accuracy and integrity bear individual and joint responsibilities。



Item  Record


Section 1  Interpretation

Section 2  The basic situation of the company

Section 3  Financial Accounting Report and Audit Report Abstract

Section 4  Board report Abstract

Section 5  Group Director、Supervisor、Appointment and annual salary of senior management personnel、The results of the assessment of business performance - 13 -

Section 6  Information about government support policies

Section 7  Important matters

Section 8  Performance of social responsibility

Section 9  Performance treatment and related business expenditure

Section 10  Internal control

Section 11  Audit report

Section 1  Interpretation

In the content of this announcement,Unless the text has another point,The following words have the following meanings:

Commonly used word interpretation

Provincial SASAC


The State -owned Assets Supervision and Management Committee of the Shandong Provincial People's Government

Shandong Land Group, GrouporCompany


Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.







Information Announcement Description:1.indicates that the Group’s group of first -class enterprises,Not indicated that the group merged caliber。2.Data disclosed in the financial statements,Except for special indication,The currency unit is RMB yuan (or 10,000 yuan),The currency is RMB。

Section 2  The basic situation of the company

(1) Basic information

1.Company full nameShandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.

Company abbreviation: Shandong Land、Shandong Land Group、Shandong Land Development Group。

2.Legal representativeZhan Baowei;

3.Registered capital:100billion

4.Registration date2015Year11month5Day

5.AddressOlympic West Road, Lixia District, Jinan City, Shandong Province2688No. Shandong Land Development Group.

6.Business scope: undertake provincial landNatureMarket -oriented tasks of resource elements; participate in major provincial traffic facilities、Comprehensive development of land and important sections along the line and important sections; develop urban and rural construction land increase or decrease linked、Comprehensive land rectification、Unusable land development、Soil pollution control and repair service、Mine Ecological Environment Recovery Service、Natural Resources Asset Management third -party service、Investment and construction of projects such as Ocean and other projects; use land resources and land elements to carry out investment and financing and capital operations; carry out comprehensive land development and utilization; equity investment and management;

7.Contact information:



(2) Company profile

Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd. (formerly Shandong Land Reserve Development Group Co., Ltd.,The following abbreviation"Shandong LandGroup"), is the provincial government2015Provincial -owned capital investment and operation company。2022Year,Shandong Land Group in the Provincial Party Committee、Under the strong leadership of the provincial government,Under the care guidance of the Scientific Supervision of the Provincial SASAC and the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and other provincial departments,Focus on the basic national policy of the protection of cultivated land,Focus on major national strategies,Focus on the major deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government,Cultivation momentum、Rise increase。I was evaluated in succession"Shandong Excellent Enterprise", "Provincial Spiritual Civilization Unit", "2021Shandong Social Responsible Enterprise ""2022Shandong Social Responsible Enterprise ";AAAGrade; Get Moodle and Fitch, two international rating agenciesA3A-International Credit Main Rating, the highest rating in the country in the country."Centennial Party History • Centennial Land" exhibition hall was awarded the Shandong State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to care about the next -generation education base。


Section 3  Financial Accounting Report and Audit Report Abstract

1. Financial Accounting Report

(1) Main accounting data and financial indicators

Unit: 10,000 yuan 

item  Item

The amount of this issue

Last issue

change ratio (%)

Total operating income




Total operating costs




Sales fee




Management costs




Financial expenses




Business profit




Investment income




Outside of business income




Outstanding business expenditure




Total profit




Total taxes and fees




Net profit




Total assets




Total liabilities




owner's rights




bet365 slotsNote: Fill in the above data according to the annual audited final account data。

(2)Foundation for the preparation of financial statements

The company is based on continuous operation,According to actual transactions and events,According to the "Enterprise Accounting Standards issued by the Ministry of Finance—— Basic Standards "and specific corporate accounting standards、Application Guidelines for Corporate Accounting Guidelines、Interpretation of corporate accounting standards and other relevant regulations to confirm and measure。

From the end of the reporting period12 months of continuous business capabilities for evaluation,No matters or situations that have major doubts about continuous business capabilities。So,This financial statement is based on continuous operation assumptions。

1. Merge report range

Interture20A total of 135 households with 22 years of financial accounts and consolidation scope,32 households including the parent company and secondary subsidiaries、91 households、12 households in the fourth -level sub -enterprise。

2. Change of important accounting policies


3. Important accounting estimation changes


2. The type of opinion of the audit report

Dahua Accounting FirmSpecial common partners) For the Group2022Annual Financial final account report issued a standard without reservation opinion audit report。


Section 4  Board report Abstract


Shandong Land Development Group2022YearThe work report of the board of directors is as follows:

I.The construction and operation of the board of directors

(1) Adhere to the guidance of party building,Give full play to the role of the board of directors in corporate governance.First, the board of directors organizes rigorous and standardized. GroupComprehensive and strictly governing the party"Five -level Responsibility System"Based on it, the board of directorsAlways persistImplement the pre -review mechanism of the party organization,All itemsDecision process science、Democracy,Decision procedures Legal、Compliance,Make sureGroupOperating decision -making mechanism effective operation,To realize the governance system and governance abilityModernization consolidates the foundation.Second, the board of directors has gradually improved. Resolutely implement"Two -way enter、Cross -term "leadership system and external directors account for the majority requirements,Constantly strengthen the construction of professional committees,With the board of directors and the special committees "independence、Professional、Diverse "members constitute an advantage,Effectively play the role of decision -making support,Empowerment for the group company's standardized efficiency。Third, the directors perform their duties and diligence。Directors insist on implementing their obligations seriously,Fully support management work,Provide consultation recommendations for the board of directors,Performing the major decision -making deployment of superiors、Improve the construction of the board of directors、Research Group Development Strategy、Promoting the reform of state -owned enterprises、Improve the group's governance capabilities and other tasks,Play an important role。

(2) Adhere to standardized management,Continuous improvement of modern enterprise governance level。First is to optimize the control and responsibility governance system。Requirements related to the reform of state -owned enterprise reform,Based on laws and regulations and company articles of association,Formulate the "Board of decision -making and follow -up and questioning system", "Dynamic Adjustment of the Dynamic Adjustment of the Dynamic Adjustment of the Board of Directors" and other systems and supporting documents,Constantly improving personnel、Finance、Audit、Bidding System,Standardize the internal management and operation systemSecond is to improve grassroots governance capabilities.In -depth implementation of the board of directors,Promoting the Group and important sub -enterprises to realize the board of directors to build、With Qi Jianqiang,Effectively transform the advantages of the modern enterprise system with Chinese characteristics into governance efficiency。At present, all the board of directors should be built and external directors account for the majority。All types and levels of enterprises at all levels are improved as a whole。Third is to increase supervision and supervision。Pay attention to decision -making closed -loop management,Normal development of institutional system integrity and operating effectiveness supervision,Full coverage of the supervision and inspection of the system in batches,Special supervision on a regular basis,Passing pressure responsibility layer,Effectively promoted the implementation of the decision -making deployment of the board of directors of the group company。

(3) Adhere to strategic leading,Construction of a scientific modern enterprise system。The first is to strengthen the top -level design and condense the formation of unique features"Top Ten Systems"。Group condensed forming "Top Ten Systems",further accelerated the pace of building the main body of domestic first -class natural resources investment and financing market with the characteristics of Shandong land。The second is the implementation of national strategy,Realize the new results of high -quality integration and development。High standards create rural revitalization Qilu model,The "Five Hua" standard system for the first release of rural rejuvenation in the country,It is at the forefront of the country in standardized construction; commissioned by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission to undertake the work of the "Comprehensive Utilization Plan for Cultivation Resources and other cultivated resources such as salt and alkali of Shandong Province",Get the State Council、High recognition of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Live Casino bet365Government。Third is to cultivate core competitiveness,Scientific and technological innovation "Taishan Climbing Plan" has achieved remarkable results。Research and formulation of the "Top Ten Documents" and other "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Pilot Project of Comprehensive Rectification of Land",Promoting the industrial system is more perfect and operable。2022,Successfully strive to create a new provincial -level R & D institution、Provincial Technology Innovation Center, including 5 provincial -level R & D platforms,New Municipal Technology Innovation Center、Key laboratory、Enterprise Technology Center 5,4 new high -tech enterprises、1 provincial special special enterprise。

2. Enterprise business development

(1) Mainly operating investment.2022,Under the influence of complex and severe epidemic,All completed the three -year action of the provincial SASAC and state -owned enterprise reform for three years of action to cure losses。Investment as "stable" as the head、"Dry" is first,Strict implementation of the group party committee "increase、Bao、Skill、Dowager "important instructions,Strive to create a new situation of high -quality development。

(2) Construction of enterprise management and control system.Strengthen risk control,Improve operating efficiency,Unified Accounting Code and Business Process,Create dynamics、Visual financial indicator risk early warning model,High standards build a financial intelligent decision -making analysis system,Shandong Land Group Financial Sharing Center was included in the Provincial SASAC"Pilot Unit of the Construction of the Provincial Enterprise Finance Sharing Center in 2021"。

(3) Coordinating the development of stability and prevention of epidemic prevention and enterprise.jailPrisonerHolding General Secretary Xi Jinping About"To prevent the epidemic、The economy must be stabilized、Important instructions for Development to Safe ",Continuously innovate and optimize the emergency mechanism and work plan of petitioning stability and stability,Solid and orderly do major festivals、Important nodes, especially the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,Keep holding the first pass,Guarantee Group's safe and stable development。

4) Enterprise performs social responsibility.2022,Group and ownership companies donate 4 million yuan to the Shandong Poverty Alleviation and Development Foundation,Used for targeted poverty alleviation expenditure,Group ownership company donated more than 1.25 million yuan,Help the prevention and control of the local epidemic;、Texas People's Government、Provincial Radio and Television Station jointly held the 32nd National Land Day theme publicity event;。Group and ownership company Huanghe Group won "2022 Shandong Social Responsible Enterprise"。

3, the completion of the three -year action of state -owned enterprise reform

(1) Implement the primary task, take it for reform"Gravity".Give full play to the role of the party committee's demonstration,Timely General Secretary Xi Jinping's latest important speech、Important instructions of the spirit of instructions as"First Issue",Combined with actual research specific implementation measures,Clarify the division of responsibilities,Standardized time limit。The departments of the group、The ownership company implements the "first issue" system,Integrated into the assessment of party building work,Integrated into the party's organization secretary to fulfill the comprehensive and strict party responsibilities of the party,Promoting the first task implementation with assessment and evaluation。Comprehensively strengthen supervision and implementation,Special inspections are carried out from time to time,Don't pay attention to thought、Inadequate work,Take reminder、Interview、Report, etc.,Rectification within a time limit。

(2) Promote the adjustment of the optimization structure of state -owned capital layout,Add to reform"Help".The first of the provincial enterprises established the main business of the group's responsibility,This industry、Main business、Supplementary business supports each other、Coordinated development"1+4+3" modern industrial system,To cultivate domestic first -class natural resource industry highlands ramming bases。Divide the ownership company as a functional company、Regional company、Service platform company、Strategic Support Company,Comprehensive summary of the core industry of the group,Taking the core competitiveness of the group as the goal,Big and strengthen the comprehensive remediation of the whole region、Soil repair、Village revitalization Qilu model creation、Ecological restoration and other industries in the mine,Integrated internal and external resources,Optimized factor configuration,Focus on the main responsibility,Build an industrial chain,Realization of stability、Sustainable development。

(3) Improve the market -oriented mechanism, and interpret for reform"Vitality".Persist in reforming the three systems as the reform of state -owned enterprises"Niu Ni" job to grab,Deepen the reform of the personnel system,Promoting personnel can go up and down,Targeting 100%of the completion rate,Solid the management of the term of the manager level members。Adhere to the "one person, one post" differentiation signing job employment agreement and business performance responsibility letter。Improve market -based employment mechanism,Adopt social tricks、School recruitment、Hunting Recruitment、Recommendation of third -party institutions,Introduction of various talents,further optimized the age structure of the employee team、Education structure and professional structure。Explore market Bet365 login-oriented income distribution reform,Construction 235 salary system,Really realize that cadres can go up and down、Personnel can enter and get out、High energy and low salary。

(4) Actively and steadily deepen the reform of mixed ownership,Added to reform"Power".persistenceThe principle of "three causes, three should three no" principles,Evaluation of household -by -householding of mixed reform enterprises,"One Enterprise, One Strategy" formulation plan,Promote steadily and orderly,Research and formulating the "Administrative Measures for Foreign Cooperation",Standardized the standards and requirements of the cooperation of mixed reform enterprises。Stimulation,Construct a corporate governance mechanism for effective check -in。Differential management and control of group ownership companies,Differentiated and reasonable authorization of secondary companies under the premise of effective supervision,and perform dynamic adjustment。Actively strive for eligible ownership companies to be included in the non -listed company of the Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Commission for medium- and long -term incentive pilot units。


Section 5  Group Director、Supervisor、Appointment and annual salary of senior management personnel、The results of the assessment of business performance

I.Group Board、Members of the Supervisory Board and other senior managers' position 




Starting date



Secretary of the Party Committee




Chen Daojiang


Deputy Secretary and General Manager of the Party Committee


Jiang Pinghua


Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee




Li Jingting


Member of the Party Committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, and Supervisor


Sun Dutting


Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager


Wang Shengang


Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager


Ye Jianjun


Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager


Guo Yanguang


Chief Financial Director, external director


Xie Shumin


external directors


Zhang Hongshan


external directors


Sun Shihai


external directors


Song Anjun


external directors


Wang Yanchun


external directors


Chen Jianjun


Employee Directors


Wang Hongwei


external directors


Zhang Qiaoliang


external directors


(2) Group board of directors、Members of the Supervisory Committee and other senior managers' salary

As of this announcement open day,The compensation during the reporting period of the company's person in charge has not been approved,Publicly disclose after being approved。


As of this announcement open day,The results of the performance assessment during the reporting period have not been confirmed。


Section 6  Information about government support policies



Section 7  Important matters

(1)The major matters that occur during the reporting period and the impact on the enterprise

June,The People's Government of Shandong Province issued the "Approval of the Establishment of the Development Research Institute of the Taishan Think Tank" (Lu Zhengzi [2022] No. 116),Principles agree to the "Construction Plan for the Development Research Institute of Taishan Think Tank",To build a new R & D institution in the form of a new R & D organization。

July,Guotai Junan Securities held the International Credit Rating Conference of Shandong Land Group in Shandong Land Industry Financial Building,Shandong Land Group debuted at the international market and won Moody A3 and Fitch A-High-level rating。

October 1,Secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee Li Ganjie went to Liancheng District, Loin Road Street, Laojiazhuang Master Grain Planting Base,On -site viewing the site of thousands of acres of rice planting in the Yellow River Strategic Demonstration Zone Project。

October 14,Deputy Governor Ling Wen Wang Jian in the Deputy Secretary -General of the Provincial Government,Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Director Zhang Bin accompanied to the group to investigate。

(2)"Three Resort and One Big" related matters

1. 2022,The Group held a total of 38 party committees,Strictly follow the system of "Scope and Procedure of" Three -Hermore and One "decision -making item",Pre -study or decide more than 180 major matters。

2. Relevant personnel appointment and removal

1) March 4, 2022,Zhang Qiaoliang no longer holds the position of external directors of Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.。

2) March 14, 2022,Chen Daojiang no longer serves as deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Land Development Group Co., Ltd.、General Manager position。

3) April 3, 2022,Wang Hongwei no longer serves as an external director (full -time) position of Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.。

4) April 8, 2022,Jiang Pinghua is no longer the deputy secretary of the party committee of Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.,No longer served as a director of Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.。

3. Arrangement of major projects

The whole year reviewed and studied Hainan Hua Kun Natural Resources Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd.、Shandong Green Building Development Group、Shandong Land Ecological Development Group Co., Ltd.、Beijing Digital Hui Space Information Technology Co., Ltd.、Shandong Land Group Soil Technology Co., Ltd. and other equity investment projects,Guangxi Chongzuo City Ningming County Cultivation Land Property Retain Project、Comprehensive Rectification Project of Land Comprehensive Remediation Project, Yogezhuang Town, Muping District, Yantai City、Tancheng Modern Agricultural Industrial Park Project、Tengzhou Ximashan Mining Area Building Stone Mining Project,Singpo Village, Flo Town, Ledong County, Hainan Province、Huangliu Town Shuiyi Village、Wanglou Village, Li Guo Town、Land Remediation Project of Chilong Village, Huangliu Town、Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone Pingchanghe Town Pingchanghe District Land Comprehensive Remediation Project and other major projects。

4. Moisture and use of large funds

The Group strictly follows the fund management measures andMitsucho one bigDecision system scheduling and use of large amounts of funds,constantStrengthen fund budget and supervision and management,Improve the benefits of funds,Guaranteed funds security。

Section 8  Performance of social responsibility

I.Signation of employee labor contract、Performance and other labor laws and regulations compliance and implementation

Strictly abide by the Labor Law, "Labor Contract Law" and other related labor laws and regulations,Carefully abide by and Bet365 loginfulfill the national labor laws、regulations and policies,Consciously maintain the legitimate rights and interests of both parties and employees,Build a harmonious labor relationship。

2、Talent introduction、employee recruitment、Employee training and other talent team building

1. Talent introduction、Recruitment of employees。Building campus recruitment、Social Recruitment、Flexible introduction "Trinity" talent attracting system。Flexible introduction of high -level talents that meet the Group's development strategy,Help Group's scientific and technological innovation and major scientific research projects related。Recruitment through society、Campus recruitment introduces more than 500 people with various types of professionals,further optimized the age structure and professional structure of the talent team。

2. Employee training。2022,Normalization of party history learning and education normalization, long -term learning and implementation of the 20th spirit of the party、Implement the spirit of the 12th Party Congress of the Provincial Congress,Take on -site meeting、Network training、Concentrated rotation training and other forms,Organize the development of centralized education and training of party members 2 times,Training party members with more than 1,000 people,Realized the full coverage of party members' education and training。Organize the 5th phase of Shandong Land Lecture Hall,Through Shandong Land Example Character、Example Team Advanced Devil Report Meeting,All kinds of lectures and theme sharing activities,Further improving the political quality and working ability of the group's employees。

3. Employee labor, safety and hygiene protection

Strictly in accordance with laws and regulations such as the Labor Law and Social Security Law to protect employees' rights。Improve labor conditions,Strengthen relevant training,Provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees。2022,Pay social insurance for all employees in the job according to law,2022All year's social insurance all pays in accordance with the standard,No owe payment、omissionsPublishing maternity allowances for maternity leave female employees as stipulated、Payment of maternity leave salary。

Continuous strengthening safety、Basic management of environmental protection work,Actively carry out safety knowledge training、Incident emergency drill,Strengthen the level of safety and use and supervision,Make production safety risks more accurate,Realizing safety production and environmental protection accidents to zero。Increase safety and environmental investment,Improve security measures,Actively improve labor conditions,Provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment。

4. Large donation and sponsorship

2022,Shandong Land Group donated 2 million yuan to the Shandong Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Foundation; donated 1.9 million yuan to the Shandong Provincial Rural Revitalization Foundation; donated 100,000 yuan to the Shandong Charity Federation。

Section 9  Performance treatment and related business expenditure

2022,The main person in charge of the company is equipped with a business car guarantee to ensure the duties,No form of official traffic subsidies without issuing。Other leadersTotal traffic subsidy costs in 20229.9810,000 yuan; travel expenses44,413.6539,791.42National (Land) Example Examination Training costs; officialsMaintenance fee for car useUse for55,800 yuan.


Section 10  Internal control

Internal Control Report (Text, Shadow Seal)

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Section 11  Audit report

Audit report (text, shadow print)

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