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Shandong Land Group realizes the first batch of data assets into table

Release time:2024-06-06

    For effective revitalization data assets,To release data resource value better,Accelerating data and capital elements fusion and development,Recent,Shandong Land Group successfully completed the financial sharing center "Industry Financial Tax Intelligent Management Data", "Merchant Value Management Data" and Beijing Digital Hui Time Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("Digital Hui Time and Space") "Satellite Remote Sensing Monitoring Data" Batch data assets enter the table。The value of the table is worth 5.05 million yuan,Evaluation value of more than 50 million yuan,Become the first case of data assets of natural resources operation bet365 live casino appenterprises in the province。
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    Bet365 loginTo effectively guarantee the accuracy and compliance of the data,Data assets in this table,Strictly sorted out and determined、Compliance evaluation、Registration is confirmed、Analysis of economic interests、Key links such as cost collection and allocation。where,Financial Sharing Center data assets through precision processing analysis and deep fusion application scenarios,Enhanced corporate management and control、cost reduction and efficiency、Industry Cai Fusion、Risk management provides strong support,Realized the value realization and value improvement of data resources,Promoting the pace of financial digital transformation move forward; Nuci time and space satellite remote sensing monitoring data products can be widely used in natural resources、bet365 slotsForestry、Agriculture、Environmental bet365 login gamesProtection、Water conservancy、Ocean、Urban governance and other fields,Effectively promoted the prosperity of time and space data products and extended expansion of value。
    Shandong Land Group's data assets enter the table,It is not only the useful exploration of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council of the State Council of the Communist Party of China on the "Data 20" instructions,It is also a specification of data assets in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Finance's "Interim Provisions on the Data Resource Related Accounting Treatment of Enterprise Resources",For the Group's further scientific decision -making operation、Establishing data Effective effect、Broadcasting value implementation path lays a solid foundation、Provided broad space。
    Shandong Land Group will give full play to the bet365 live casino appadvantages of data resources and rich application scenarios,Bet365 loginExpanded data warehouse,Further improve the data asset management process system,Continuous improvement of data governance capabilities,Accelerate the capitalization and value of data assets,Promote all -round digital transformation,Plim the "Digital Land" brand,To create a domestic first -class natural resource investment and financing group injecting digital new kinetic energy。