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Wang Yudong and his party went to Hainan for investigation

Release time:2024-06-06

    May 28th to 31st,Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Deputy General Manager Wang Yudong and his party went to Hainan to conduct a survey。
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    May 28,Wang Yudong went to the Nanfan Base of the Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences to investigate and investigate,View the situation of the base,In -depth understanding of the transfer policy for the land of scientific research in the South Fanban、Industrial Development Experience and Practice,Seeking the business cooperation path of both parties,The direction of win -win expansion for the hospital and enterprise。
    May 28,Wang Yudong visited Shunfeng Biotechnology (Hainan) Co., Ltd.,Detailed understanding of the principles and application prospects of the seed industry editing Bet365 loginbet365 live casino apptechnology。Said the two parties,I hope to give full play to their respective advantages,Strengthen exchanges and cooperation,Jointly promote scientific and technological innovation and industrial development,Help "South Silicon Valley" construction。
    May 29,Wang Yudong went to the National Nanfan Research Breakstration Base (Handongyang) supporting service area for survey,Hold a symposium,Listen to the construction of Nanfan supporting service area project、Report on work and other work of investment promotion。Wang Yudong said,According to "specialized operation,Differential Development "Thinking,Efforts to create a "five -type" base; formulate and improve a series of investment operation plans,Provide a full range for the units that have settled in Nanfan、High -quality supporting service work,attract more Nanfan units Live Casino bet365Live Casino bet365to settle in the supporting service area; do a good job of policy docking、Industry incubation、Achievement conversion、Technology empowerment、Capital investment and other work,Build a full chain of industrial operations,Provide the entire process of service for Nanfan unit。
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    May 29,Wang Yudong went to Henan Agricultural University Ledong Cigar Planting Base for Investigation and Research,On -site inspection of the cultivation conditions of cigar tobacco leaves、The construction of the base and future development prospects,Communicate with the person in charge of the base,Explore future cooperation path,A new chapter in development。
    May 30,Wang Yudong to the Lubong Industrial Park project on Jiangdong New District, Haikou City,On -site inspection to understand the current construction management of the project、The development status of the parks such as China Merchants Operation,Live Casino bet365bet365 login gamesalso said that it will promote interactive interconnection with brother companies、complementary advantages,Building the park、Use well,Contributions to the development of Lu Qiong's provinces。
    Asset Operation Group、Hainan Hua Kun Company、The person in charge of Hainan South Fan Technology Company participated in the event。