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Shandong Land Group held a launching ceremony for 2024 safety education and training and "Safety Production Month" event

Release time:2024-06-05

    June 4,Shandong Land Group 2024 Safety Education Training and "Safety Production Month" activity launching ceremony was held in Jinan。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Director Liu Shouliang attended the event and speak,Director of Production Director Fan Huafeng hosted the event。
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    Liu Shouliang emphasized,To recognize the situation,Improve the position,Fight active "active battle"。Resolutely implement the work deployment of the party committee of the group,Waiting for Yan Zhe、Strictly guard against death、Positive to be in place、Active as,Make sure no problems。Be rigorous and meticulous,Seeking truth and pragmatic,Fight to eliminate the hidden danger "position battle"。Further establish bet365 login gamesand bet365 live casino appimprove the management mechanism of the management and control of hidden risks,List the risk list,Formulate targeted prevention and control measures and emergency plans。To be strictly true,True Troubleshooting,Fight to strengthen the management of the "tackling battle"。Adhere to the high -pressure situation of safety production management,Perform the main tone of "strict" for a long time,The "strong supervision" runs through the work of work safety。To carry responsibility,Accurate performance,Fighting the "Combine of Common Battle" for safe production。Safety production departments at all levels must clarify their responsibilities,Actively implement responsibility,Alert to keep the soil、Deepening the soil responsibility、Keeping the soil to be responsible,Pressing the responsibility of the main body of safety production from top to bottom,Eliminate various accidents。
    bet365 live casino appLiu bet365 live casino appShouliang requirements,Take the "Safety Production Month" activity as an opportunity,Divine Peiyu Shandong Land Safety Cultural Brand,Three -year action of further promoting the safety of safety production,Promoting the implementation of the main responsibility of production safety,Practice the spirit of the first party congress of the group with actual actions and the implementation of the "19661" development strategy,Provide a solid guarantee for the Group's high -quality development。
    Event invites leaders from industry leaders and relevant units、Expert,Three -year operation for the safety of safety production、Implementation of the responsibility of the main body of production safety、Leaching guidance。In the event,Participants watched collectively "Everyone talks about safety and emergency -unblocking life channels" safety production monthly public welfare promotion video。
    bet365 login gamesbet365 slotsAll staff of the Group's Safety Management Department,The main person in charge of the ownership company in Jiji、The person in charge of the safety production division、Security Director、Safety production management personnel attended the meeting at the main venue; the main person in charge of the non -resident ownership company、The person in charge of the safety production division、Security Director、Safety production management personnel attended the meeting at each branch venue。