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Deputy Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee Yang Feng and his party visited the group

Release time:2024-06-05

    June 4,Deputy Secretary of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee Yang Feng and his party went to Shandong Land Group to discuss and exchange。Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Chairman Li Bo hosted the symposium,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Director、General Manager Hu Yuanqiao,Member of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Wang Yudong attended the symposium。
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    Will on the way,The two parties exchanged early bet365 login gamescooperation development situation。Li Bo welcomed Yang Feng's visits,and thank the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for their support for Shandong Land Group。He said,Shandong Land Group has a good basis for cooperation with Jinan City,I hope the two parties will be in land rectification、Agricultural Industrialization、Seed Industry Innovation、High -standard farmland construction and other fields to carry out further cooperation,In -depth research and demonstration cooperation prospects,Establish a long -term cooperation docking mechanism,Create highlights items,Help Jinan's high -quality economic and social development。
    Yang Feng said,The development direction of the nine bet365 login gamesbusiness segments of Shandong Land Group is in line with the development needs of Jinan City,Both parties have broad cooperation prospects。Hope in food safety、Village revitalization、Agriculture and Rural、High -standard farmland construction and other fields continue to deepen cooperation,Establish a work class,Coordinating the advantage resources of Jinan City,Promoting the implementation of the cooperation project,Realize economic benefits、Political benefits、Effective unity of social benefits,Promote the win -win development of local enterprises cooperation。
    Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government、Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau、Steel City District、Jinan Caijin Group、Jinan Financial Investment New Mobile Energy Investment Management bet365 live casino appCo., Ltd.、The person in charge of Jinan Minsheng Industrial Co., Ltd.,Group Office、Strategic Planning Investment Department、Village Rejuvenation Group、The main person in charge of the Capital Investment Group attended the symposium。