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Changfeng Wanwan Mile

Release time:2024-06-03

    In Xinjiang in May, the wilderness is endless and colorful.
    Recent,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Chairman Li Bo led a team to Xinjiang to carry out major research activities,Densely meeting Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Government、Leadership of Xinjiang Production Construction Corps,Many times with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Industrial Affairs Committee (International Joint Center)、Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization Financial Investment Commission negotiated,Docking multiple local governments and enterprises and institutions,Examination and research multiple reserve projects,Instead of drums、Step in the hoof,Form a series of staged results。
    This survey was since the Group's first party congress,The longest research time organized by the party committee of the group、The farthest span distance、The largest survey activity in the team,It is also a pragmatic trip with significant results。Combining the group's business direction and the local demand in Xinjiang more closely,The fusion of both parties is more powerful,Business expansion is more in -depth,The scope of cooperation is more breadth,Effective realization of soldiers、Di、Enterprise Rong Win -Win Sharing,To expand foreign markets,Achieve an important and solid step in the strategic goal of "recreating a Shandong land" outside the province。
    Kaijiang's soil coincides with the steady efficiency of the hoof step at the same time
    Xinjiang,"Three Mountains and Two Pot" is vast and magical,Have a good location advantage、Policy advantages and resource advantages。Xinjiang's work has a special important strategic position in the overall situation of the party Live Casino bet365and bet365 login gamesthe country。"Love in the Spring of Tianshan",Xinjiang plays a key role in the development of the western part of the new era,With irreplaceable strategic position,The development of Xinjiang is not only related to the innovation and transformation of the regional economy,It is more related to the implementation of the overall development strategy of the country。
    Xinjiang's "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" planning for the high -quality development of the natural resources in the autonomous region has adhered to innovation -driven development、Promote the revitalization of the countryside、Accelerate the promotion of new urbanization、Strengthen the "Four Masters" for strengthening the construction of ecological civilization。The Group's First Party Congress established the "One Leader、Six projects、Six brands、Six projects、A target "19661" development strategy,The nine industrial sectors that focus on investment and development are highly fit with Xinjiang's development demand。Xinjiang's natural resources fields are very available,It is a major opportunity to realize the breakthrough and leapfrog development of foreign markets,Pioneering the Xinjiang market coincides with the right time、Just as its potential。Far -view of the party committee of the group、Carefully plan,Shandong Land People with the pride of daring to be the first、perseverance of perseverance,full of enthusiasm with pioneering Xintiandi,Stepping on this "Western Hot Land"。
    At the beginning of the next way, how to open the situation and stand firm?
    Starting from August last year,Group actively walk into Xinjiang、Integrated into Xinjiang,Go to Hetian、Kashgar、Aksu and other areas investigations and investigations、Discussion cooperation,Sign a cooperation agreement with relevant areas,The implementation of the Gobi Beach of Shufu County, Kashi Province, the Gobi Beach of the Gobi Beach in Kashi area、Changji Prefecture Crown Crown Fruit Foreign Forest Demonstration Base、Crown Crown Ferry Sand and Ecological Forest Construction、Comprehensive development and utilization of salt -alkali and land in Hetian area,In land remediation and operation、Sand prevention and sand control industry、Ecological protection and repair、Mine development and comprehensive utilization、The transformation of scientific research results reached a consensus with relevant cities, counties and institutions,Actively promote the project of the project。
    This trip to Xinjiang,The pace of pioneering and aggressive is more stable、The consensus of cooperation between the two parties is more firm。"Xinjiang has broad development bet365 slotsspace,Shandong Land Group cultivated bet365 slotsland reclamation、Sand prevention and sand、Green Mine、Modern agriculture and other business directions are in line with the development needs of Xinjiang。"Vice Chairman of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Member of the Party Group Meldan Mu Gai mentioned in the discussion。"Shandong Land Group has been deeply cultivated in the field of natural resources for many years,Mode mature、rich experience,The development concept of both parties interoperate、Broad cooperation field,Hope to complement the advantages、Win -win cooperation,Planting in wood oil crops、Disposal and sand control and other fields to carry out in -depth cooperation,Co -construction of the Crown Crown Fruit Full Industry Chain,Commonly helping the Corps high -quality development。"" Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Party Committee Standing Committee member、Liu Xinjian, the deputy political commissar, also expressed in the discussion。
    On the vast Xinjiang land,The flag of Shandong land began to erected in Hanhai Desert,The figure of Shandong land began to shine in the Gobi Oasis。
    Corps combat finger finger fisting line breakthrough condensation force
    Continuous advance integration integration is the magic weapon to achieve the high -quality development of the group。In this survey activity,The Group gives full play to the advantages of the "Military Corps" mode。The main leaders of the group party committee are leading in command、The first soldier,Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Xinjiang Production Construction Corps、Shanghai Cooperation Organization Industrial Affairs Committee (International United Center)、Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization Financial Investment Committee, etc. to conduct multiple rounds of discussions and exchanges,Leves high -quality resources,Open the channels for cooperation;,A plate of chess car and horse ",Fansing Group Leaders、Relevant ministries and ownership companies are mainly responsible for comrades and fiercely popular,Grab the time effect,Combined with their respective business fields,Delivery and cooperation in multiple fields in the sub -line,Business development is solid and powerful。
    The Yellow River Ecological Group visits the Xinjiang Branch of Shandong Earth Mine、Provincial Assistance Headquarters、The 12th Division of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps,Development around mineral production area、Discovery cooperation paths in the main business areas such as mining restoration and management; Oriental Development Group to the 105th Regiment of the Sixth Division of the Agricultural Agriculture、Bachu County、Kui Tun City、Hami City inspects the return of farmland to bet365 login gamesthe forest、Land Reserve Resources、bet365 login gamesMineral resources mining, etc.,Participate in the signing ceremony of the construction project of the Kuitun Intelligent Comegrating Center; Capital Investment Group went to Shihezi to investigate a new three board listed enterprise,Understand the main business of the enterprise、Development advantage、Industrial Chain Layout, etc.; Digital Technology Group visits the Natural Resources Department of the Autonomous Region and the Protection and Supervision Office of Cultivation Land、Natural Resources Planning Research Institute,Xinjiang Production Construction Corps Natural Resources Bureau、Xinjiang Academy of Forestry Sciences Institute and other units,Discussion and exchanges around the digital governance of natural resources、Promoting cooperation; Engineering Construction Group Visit Qitai County、Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps No. 6 Division, Five Family Qu City、Xinjiang Applied Vocational and Technical College、The 12th Division of the Xinjiang Production Construction Corps,Cultivated land reclamation、Construction of high standard farmland、In -depth exchanges of planning, design, investment and construction and operation ...、Forming a joint force,Breakthrough、Blooming more,Really play an internal synergy、Advantages of the Corps of the Corps。
    The spirit of the land shines like a poem on the northwest of the torch
    Demonstration Base in the Gulf Forests in Changji Prefecture,Pioneer employees sweat sweat under the hot sun,Dark noodles are witnesses that they guard the desert oasis。
    A response to the call of the group's party committee to open up the Northwest market,Many Landsmen in Shandong actively please、Following Endeter,Bow in the spirit with the spirit of courage,Starting difficulties with the spirit of innovation,Open the new bureau with the spirit of daring to break through,Righteousness without hesitation embark on this hot land,Not afraid of hardship、Go forward,Struggle in Kashgar、Hetian、Changji's various projects on the front line,The spirit of being highly responsible for the group's cause,Dedication of your own light and heat。
    Required by the development of Xinjiang,Shandong Land People further integrate into Xinjiang、Service Xinjiang,Actively explore the practical path of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains",Focus on the comprehensive utilization of cultivated land reclamation and saline -alkali land、Construction of Ecological Forest of Sandy Sandy Sandmi、Green Mine Development and Ecological Protection and Repair、Modern agricultural industry、Land Space Big Data and "Double Carbon" and other bet365 slotsfields,It is planned to implement bet365 login gamesa 3 million acres of water increase and land increase within 5 years、2 million acres of large -scale planting,Create the crown fruit and the sand -controlled sand planting demonstration base 1 million acres,Construction of Gobi facility demonstration agriculture、Wooden oil processing production base、Natural resources and time and space big data application and service platform,It is the rural rejuvenation of the autonomous region and the production and construction military regiment、Ecological protection、Industrial Transformation、New quality development contribution strength。
    "Planning Map" becomes "Construction Map","Timetable" becomes a "schedule"。The spirit of the Landsman in Shandong is like a torch,The perseverance of "Bite the green mountains without relaxation" and a consistent confidence、Determine,Continue writing Shandong Land Poems in the Northwest Land。
    Good go、Long Sky Wanli,Go down to see the mountains and rivers。Practice proof,The strategic decision to open up the Northwest market for the group's party committee is far -sighted,Communication and coordination from top to bottom,If the banner leads the direction; the tactical arrangement of the military regiment is effective,Various sectors are fruitful,Ru Li Jian cuts through the thorns; the role model of leading cadres takes the lead is touching,For example, it is personally,If the lights illuminate the road; it is not easy to expand the market outside the province,Not far thousands of miles to stick to the frontier,Write responsibility with sweat。
    The more the critical stage of reform and transformation,The more firm confidence, the more we must、Question and brave progress; the more the new starting point of the opening of the territory、New journey,The more you have to make good achievements、No forward。The first party congress of the group determined the "19661" development strategy,Draw the magnificent blueprint for creating a domestic first -class natural resource investment and financing group。In this thousand sails,、Era of the Streaming Stream,Every Shandong Landman will closely grasp the pulse of the development of the times,Follow the national strategic needs,Yong standing tide、Fighting fight,Let Shandong land "gold brand" firmly root in the land of Xinjiang、Give up high、shining brilliant。