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Ye Jianjun went to Heze to investigate

Release time:2024-06-03

    May 29th to 30th,Member of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Deputy General Manager Ye Jianjun and his party went to Heze Company to investigate,On -site inspection project progress and reserve projects under construction and reserve projects and hold a symposium。
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    At the symposium,Ye Jianjun listened to the work report of Heze Company,and make a request for the next Live Casino bet365Bet365 loginstep。He said,First, to accelerate the project process,Masterpiece to grasp the key points、Broken Difficulty,For items that can be ended or expected in the expected year,Must go all out to ensure the completion of the year; for projects under construction,We must make every effort to promote the construction progress;、Optimized integration and other key tasks,Depending on thinking,Effectively put various goals and tasks in implementation,Contribute to the Group's Development。Second, we must effectively change business philosophy and methods,"profitable revenue,Profit with cash flow "as the guidance screening project,Make sure to achieve bet365 live casino appbet365 login gamescontinuous and stable cash back。Third to change the work style,Strengthening capacity building,Inspiring spirit、Drum fullness、Plane to ask the bottom、Integrated resources,Excessive skills in practice。Fourth to establish a scientific and effective assessment and reward mechanism,A discussion,Stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of employee officers to start a business,Help the Group's high -quality development。
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    During the survey,Ye Jianjun and his party inspected Chengwu Corporation's debt replacement project、Xuelou Village, Sun Town, Sunwu County, and Pingle New Town, Xixing Town, Shanxian County。
    Shan County、Chengwu County Party Committee、The person Bet365 loginbet365 live casino appin charge of the county government,Group General Natural Resource Planner、Wang Xiaokui, Chairman of Rural Revitalization Group,The heads of relevant departments of the group and the head of the rural revitalization group participated in the event。