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Communist Youth League Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.'s first congress victory was held

Release time:2024-06-03

    May 29,The First Congress of the Communist Youth League Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd. was held in Jinan victory,100 representatives from group organizations at all levels of the group gathered together,Job on youth development,Writing Youth Chapter。Group Party Secretary of the Group、Chairman Li Bo attended the opening ceremony and spoke。
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    The conference heard and reviewed and reviewed the report made by the Communist Youth League Shandong Land Development Group Co., Ltd.,Elected the second committee of the Communist Youth League Shandong Land Development Bet365 loginGroup Co., Ltd.,The resolution of the work report on the first committee of the committee,Settled all tasks。
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    The conference reviewed and summarized the various youth work since the establishment of the first committee。Under the strong leadership of the Group's Party Committee and the Provincial SASAC,Persist in the thoughts of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as the guidance,In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important thought on youth work,Around the center、Services,Unity leads the majority of members of the members of the youth to show "the party's call,Action of the Group ",Endorisage in promoting the high -quality development of the group、Breaking the waves forward,Each job continuously achieves breakthroughs。The conference proposes the current and future periods,Group Communist Youth League and youth work should be guided by Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics,Fully implement the work deployment of the party committee of the group and the superior league committee,closely surrounding the group's "19661" development strategy,Deepen ideological and political construction、Leading youth positions to build merit、Improve service youth quality、Comprehensively deepen the strict governance group,Unity and leading the group members of the group are aggressive、Dare to be the first、Go up in difficulties、Jian Gong and Establishment,Contribute youth for the creation of domestic first -class bet365 login gamesnatural resources investment and financing group。
    The conference requires the group organizations at all levels and the majority of members of the group members to be the group's business development commando and the strong army,Focus on optimizing working mechanism、Improve Organization Construction、Group development needs、Strengthening theoretical armed forces,firmly grasp the development of the group,Tightly surround the "Six Degree Project",The depth of reform of the work of the Communist Youth League、Cut the management accuracy of the grass -roots group organization、Forging group members youth business breadth、Gathering group members of young talent thickness、Improve the height of the youth thought height、Highlight the humanistic style of the land of the land,Transformation leap、cost reduction and efficiency、Management improvement and other work will make new skills,Contribute youth for your youth in the new journey of the high -quality development of the group。
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    Li Bo congratulated the victory of the conference。He pointed out,First, I want to save high and far,"Michelm Big Me" in the ideal and beliefs,Strengthening the Education of ideals and beliefs,Use Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to consolidate the strong spiritual foundation of the youth of the members of the group; strengthen the situation for the situation,Based on the foundation of the era,Cherish the encounter of the times,Release Youth Vitality,Live from the bet365 login gamescause of the party's career、Subsequent people have a strategic height,Create a young team with unique land characteristics of Shandong; strengthen ideological and moral education,Discovery、Cultivation and selection of trees a group of youth typical,Give full play to the role model,Guide the majority of young people to advocate trees to develop positive energy。The second is to learn carefully,"Enrich Self",Practice the truth with theory,In -depth learning and understanding Xi Jinping's thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Grasp the worldview and methodology,Persevere、Use the point of view that runs through it; learn skills,Write youth with skills,Persist in dry middle school、Dry school,Deep cultivation of the "Nine major industrial sectors" around the group,Strive to be a "job expert"; learn to do it,Achieve dreams with real work,Applicable to use、Learn to promote use,Innovation in ordinary posts、There are breakthroughs in the technical field,Become our company、The expert of the department at home。Third, only the flag is to win,"Jian Gong has me" in seizing opportunities,Stimulate the enthusiasm of young members of the group members,In -depth promotion of the "Green" word brand creation,Dare to fight pioneer、Yong Dangdang Pioneer,Based on their own posts to build merits; give full play to the youthful thinking of youths,Focusing on the project construction "bottleneck constraint",Injecting new kinetic energy into the group'bet365 slotss high -quality development,Publicity of typical deeds、Create results,Show youthful style,Put the officer to start a business、Bi Xueyou Express in the Group is a wind;,Optimized talent management system,Innovative talent training mode,Keep a batch of products well、Strong ability、Young talents who have a correct attitude enter a key position,Make young employees motivated、There is hope for the development of the enterprise。Land Youth in the new era,Be not afraid of ordinary、Unwilling pursuit,Determination of "not breaking the Loulan",The will of "Ren Er East and Southwest Wind",At the bottom of the job,Dedication of dedication,Strive to create excellence,Do a new business in the new era,Read the responsibility and responsibility of land youth under the year of Shaohua。
    Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Director Liu Shouliang,Group Safety Production Director Fan Huafeng,The principals and representatives of the group party and mass work department of the group attended the meeting。