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Li Bo and his party went to Xinjiang for investigation

Release time:2024-05-30

    May 16th -27th,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Chairman Li Bo led a team to Xinjiang to investigate and investigate,Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Xinjiang Production Construction Corps、Shanghai Cooperation Organization Industrial Affairs Committee (International Joint Center)、Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization Financial Investment Commission Relevant responsible comrades' bet365 login gamesdiscussions and exchanges。
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    bet365 live casino appLi Bo led the team to visit the vice chairman of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region、Member of the party group Meldan Mu Gai with a discussion。Li Bo introduced the basic situation of the group、Investment and business development in Xinjiang,He said,Shandong Land Group will focus on the development of various regions of Xinjiang,Actively give play to the coordination and coordination of natural resources and capital elements,Focus on cultivated land reclamation、Land Rectification Extension Industry、Ecological protection repair、Construction of Ecological Forest for Ecological Forest of Sandy Sandy Sandy Sandimo、Digital dual carbon and other fields,Establish a comprehensive aspect with the autonomous region、Deep level、Multi -dimensional cooperation,Contributions to writing a new chapter of the new chapter of Xinjiang practice in Chinese -style modernization。
    Meldan · Mu Gai Timi welcomes the group's visit to Xinjiang。He said,Currently Xinjiang is in an important strategic opportunity period of high -quality development,Shandong Land Group cultivated land reclamation、Sand prevention and sand、Green Mine、Modern agriculture and other business directions and the development needs of the construction of the "eight major industrial clusters" in Xinjiang are highly fit,Both parties have a broad space for cooperation,Hope Shandong Land Group integrates Live Casino bet365advantageous resources,High starting Bet365 loginpoint plan、High standard construction,Construction of a modern industrial system around the relevant industrial field,Overall to improve the level of industrial chain,Promote the cooperative development of the first, secondary and tertiary industries,Help Xinjiang's economic and social development,A new chapter of the cooperation of the Communist and Enterprises。
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    In Xinjiang Production Construction Corps,Li Bo and the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of the Corps、Vice Political Commissar Liu Xinjian conducted bet365 login gamesdiscussions and exchanges。Li Bo introduced the project currently implemented in the Corps,It means that it will further coordinate the resource advantage of the group's sectors,In the case of sand prevention、Under the forest economy、Ecological restoration、Mine development and utilization and other fields focus on focus,I hope the two parties will deepen the interconnection、Deepen the cooperation of military enterprises、Promote mutual promotion and integration,Make a due contribution to the high -quality development of the Corps。
    Liu Xinjian welcomes Li Bo and his party,He said,Shandong Land Group has been deeply cultivated in the field of natural resources for many years,Model mature、Experience,The development concept of both parties interoperate、Broad cooperation field,Hope to complement the advantages、Win -win cooperation,Bet365 loginPlanting in wood oil crops、Deliner bet365 slotsand other fields to carry out in -depth cooperation,Joint Fortune Construction of the Crown Fruit Full Industry Chain,Commonly helping the Corps high -quality development。
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    Li Bo and his party also with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Industrial Committee (International Joint Center) director Du Wenliang、Yao Jiangtao, director of the Financial Investment Commission of Eurasian Economic Cooperation Organization, conducts multiple rounds of bet365 login gamesdiscussions and exchanges。Both parties reached preliminary consensus on conducting in -depth strategic cooperation,Unanimously indicating that it will give full play to their respective advantages、Move effective resources,Cultivation in cultivated land、Lin Guang complementary、Mining governance and development and utilization、Digital remote sensing technical service、Investment in the five Central Asian projects seeking cooperation opportunities、Realize mutual benefit and win -win。
    During the survey,Li Bo and his party went to Changji State Military Farm Crown Crown Fruit Foreign Forest Demonstration Base、Xinjiang Academy of Forestry Sciences、Qitai County Crown Crown High Sub -Live Planting Powder Model Demonstration Base conducts on -site inspections。
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    Yellow River Ecological Group、Oriental Development Group、Capital Investment Group、Digital Technology Group、Engineering Construction Group's internal collaboration、Bet365 loginBing Regiment's combat advantage,Divided Live Casino bet365into multiple fields to the Natural Resources Department of the Autonomous Region、Shandong Earth Mine Xinjiang Branch、The Corps Natural Resources Bureau、The Sixth Division of the Corps、The 12th Division of the Corps、Xinjiang Academy of Applied Vocational and Technical College、Shihezi City、Hami City、Kui Tun City、Barchu County and other places to dock,Digging and reserving and returning farmland to forest、Mine development and utilization、Chinese Medicine Material Storage Logistics、Modern Agriculture、Digital information、Geographical remote sensing and other high -quality projects。
    Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Deputy General Manager Ye Jianjun participated in the survey。Yellow River Ecological Group、Oriental Development Group、Capital Investment Group、Digital Technology Group、Engineering Construction Group and Group Operation Management Department、The main responsible comrades of the strategic planning investment department accompanied the research。