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Liu Shouliang led a team to Laizhou and other places to conduct supervision and investigation

Release time:2024-05-28

    To further strengthen the consciousness of integrity and self -discipline of party members and cadres,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Studies and Education Deep Those,Supervisory bet365 live casino appbet365 live casino appthe responsibility of the main body of production safety,Recent,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group、Director Liu Shouliang led a team to the granite mine project for Sun Jiahuanghua Noodles in Laizhou City、Jiulong Street, Jiaozhou City 2023, Dalo Gezhuang Village and other 3 villages such as land remediation projects、Zouping's Xijieling Mountains in Xijie Ridge in Xijie Mountain in Zou Ping City, the Geological Environment Restore Governance Project of the Geological Environment Restore Research Activities。
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    Granite Mine Project for Gentle Mine in the Sun Jiahuanghua Jewelry,Liu Shouliang listened to the reporting of engineering and technical companies on the development of party discipline and education and reporting on production safety.,Watch the videos of party discipline learning education collectively,Political birthday for party members,Gift birthday greeting card and theoretical books,Consurative discussions with party members and employees,Then go to the project site to carry out "Revisiting the Party Oath、Wake up the original mission "activity,and put forward work requirements for the progress of production safety and project。
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    Liu Shouliang emphasized,To further improve organizational bet365 slotsBet365 loginefficiency and team cohesion,Strict implementation of the "three meetings and one lesson" system,Actively mobilize and organize the majority of party members to play a model role,Effectively give play to the role of a strong fighting fortress of the first -tier party branch of the grass -roots level,Establish and maintain a good social image of state -owned enterprises。We must do a good job in party discipline study and education,Adhere to the original original、In -depth learning one by one,Give full excavation of unique advantages of collective life,Make full use of the resource of the surrounding red education base,Make sure the learning results are truly internalized in the heart、Externalization。Pay attention to the effectiveness of learning,The combination of theoretical learning and actual work,Through a variety of forms,Constantly improving the effectiveness of learning and education,To be awe -inspiring、Keep the bottom line,Consciously abide by the "Six Discipline",Keep in mind the mission of joining the party at the beginning of the party。We must pay attention to the construction of the core team of the production link of the mine,Young party members and cadres must fully cherish the bet365 login gamesLive Casino bet365opportunity to learn and exercise on the front line of the project,Drilling business with hard work,Cultivate the ability of independent side。Three -year operation of the safety production and the control of safety production,Further consolidate the foundation for safety production,Always tighten the string of safe production。
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    In Jiulong Street, Jiaozhou City 2023, 3 villages such as Dalo Gezhuang Village and other 3 villages,Liu Shouliang talks in depth with relevant responsible comrades,Detailed understanding of the project promotion。Liu Shouliang said,It is necessary to carry out high -quality party discipline learning and education,Accurately grasp the target requirements,Focus on integrating daily、Combination of learning; pay attention to project on -site management,Under the premise of ensuring construction safety and engineering quality,Optimized construction plan,Make sure the project is completed as scheduled,Follow up the payment progress at the time node,Practice the interests of the group。
    The Geological Environment Restore Governance Project in the Small Ridge Damage Mountain,Liu Shouliang Listen to the progress of the project、Stone Stone Sales、Xuanwu Rock Deep Bet365 loginLive Casino bet365Processing Technology、Introduction to Safety Production Management。Liu Shouliang pointed out,We must fully understand the significance of carrying out party discipline learning and education,Grasp the key to learning,Deepen the study and education of party discipline with the actual situation of work; increase communication and coordination,Promote the sales and subsequent construction of slag stone as soon as possible; pay attention to on -site safety production management,Timely check and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards,Strictly prevent various accidents and disasters occur。
    Safety Production Management Department、Party and Mass Work Department,Urban and Rural Fusion Group、Related comrades of the Yellow River Ecological Group accompanied by inspection and survey。