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Liu Shouliang led the team to Tai'an to conduct supervision and investigation

Release time:2024-05-20

    May 17,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Director Liu Shouliang led a team to Tai'an to carry out supervision and research activities,To understand the promotion of key projects、Business situation,Supervisory party discipline learning and education activities and work safety,Requirement combined with the actual work,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Studies and Education into the minds and depths,And on the problems existing in the project、Difficulties to make suggestions and suggestions。Director of Safety Production Director of Shandong Land Group,Party and Mass Work Department (Party Committee Propaganda Department、Party Committee United Front Work Department、Inspection Office) Minister (Director) Fan Huafeng accompanied the investigation。
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    Live Casino bet365Project Bet365 loginin the Taishan Intelligent Manufacturing Science and Technology Park,Liu Shouliang talks in depth with relevant responsible comrades,Detailed understanding of project advancement and investment promotion,and conduct field research on the construction site and the enterprise settled in the production area。Liu Shouliang emphasized,We must attach great importance to on -site safety management,Increase the investigation of hidden safety hazards,Resolutely curb various accidents; strengthen service consciousness,Do a good job of operating management after the enterprise settled in,Ensure the quality of operation。
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    Project in the ancient town of Dawenkou,Liu Shouliang and his team investigated the light of civilization to relocate community、Dawenkou Cultural Site Museum and Wenkou Ancient Town Project Homestay Courtyard,Listen to the person in charge of Dawenkou Company to the project bet365 login gamesoperation、bet365 live casino appIntroduction to the situation of safety management。Liu Shouliang said,To increase communication and coordination with the local government,Make full use of existing resources,Actively introduce a professional operation team,To achieve the healthy development of the project; focus on the safety and fire safety of the homestay structure,Timely check and eliminate all kinds of safety hazards,Resolutely keep the safe bottom line。
    At Dongpingyuanxi Company,Liu Shouliang and his party penetrate the production workshop and mine mining site,Detailed understanding of the safety production and operation of enterprises。Liu Shouliang requirements,To fully implement the responsibility of the main body of production safety,Prevent and resolve various safety risks; we must carry out solidly preparations for flood prevention,Strengthen emergency exercise,With bet365 slotsemergency supplies,Implement the bet365 slots"Calling Mechanism"; the concept of "hidden dangers is accidents" must be treated,Continuously increasing the management of safety production,Pay close attention to the improvement of the safety quality of employees,Ensure that the safe production situation continues to stabilize and improves。
    Safety Production Management Department、Yellow River Ecological Group、Responsible comrades of asset operation groups and related ownership companies accompanied the research。