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Shandong Land Group's "three persistence" promotes the integration of party discipline learning and education into the daily life

Release time:2024-05-16

    Since the start of party discipline learning and education,Shandong Land Group Party Committee takes the development of party discipline learning and education as an important political task,Pay attention to、Careful Organization,"Three persistence" promotes the deepening of party discipline and education。
    Persist in focusing on chapters and integration into daily learning
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    Buy the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" for each party member (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"),Buy counseling reading for each branch,Timely convey the Provincial Party Committee、The latest requirements for party discipline study and education for the Provincial SASAC,Focus on the original "Regulations"。Group Party Committee organizes party discipline learning and bet365 live casino appLive Casino bet365education and reading class,Invite the Fifth Supervision and Inspection Office of the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission to make a counseling report,Organize the group of party members and leading cadres at the middle level or above of the group to learn from chapters by chapters。The Party Committee directly under the Group、All party members organized all party members to carry out centralized learning,Contact actual communication learning experience。
    Adhere to the full coverage of the whole process and integrate daily guidance
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    Shandong Land Group's directly -affiliated party committee of the Party Committee of the Party Committee guided the party branches under the jurisdiction of the party branch to list the party discipline learning and education plan,Incorporating task measures into daily work。Organ Party Committee、The Party Committee of the Yellow River Ecological Group passed the "Shandong E branch system",Strengthen the theme of the party bet365 login gamesbet365 slotsbranch to conduct the theme of studying the Regulations、Theme party day event,and the party branch secretary lectures disciplinary party lesson、Guidance and supervision of activities such as warning education and other activities。
    Persist in multi -channel and full -range integration into daily supervision
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    Shandong Land Group WeChat public account、Group official website opens the "Party Disciplinary Study Education" column,Daily release of the "Regulations on the Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" content interpretation,Integrate party discipline learning and education into daily life,Help party members and cadres accurately grasp the main points and requirements of the main purpose of the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China"。Before the May 1st Dragon Boat Festival holiday,Printed "Notice on the Dragon Boat Festival of the Dragon Boat Festival of Yanming 'May Day",Understand the party organizations at all levels of the group combined with the party discipline learning and education that are currently Bet365 loginbet365 slotscarried out,Strengthen the education supervision and management of party members and cadres,Integrate discipline education into daily management,The requirements of the strict and strict governance of the party run through the festival。