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Wang Yudong went to the asset operation group for research

Release time:2024-05-14

    April 29th to May 8th,bet365 live casino appMember of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Deputy General Manager Wang Yudong and his party went to the on -site survey of the headquarters of the asset operation group and the ownership company project。
    April 29,Wang Yudong went to the headquarters of the asset operation group to investigate,Listen to the basic situation of the company's basic situation、Optimization and integration Promotional situation and project attack plan,Exchange discussions on the advancement of key projects。Wang Yudong said,Special positioning of asset operation group、The task is arduous,Focus on the two key tasks of "solving the problem of historical leftover" and "opening up the new business field",Further pioneering ideas,Reinforcement management,Create its own strong brand,Promote the realization of new quality development。
    May 7,Wang Yudong to Shandong Land Industry Financial Demonstration Park Project Research,View in -depth view of the Confucian Hotel Hall、Control room in the building、Bet365 loginHotel floor、Sharing Conference Center and other related areas,Detailed understanding of the situation and planning layout of the park in the park,Affirmation of the supporting construction of the Confucian Hotel and the help of high -quality services in the park,and how to do good operation management、Exchange guidance。
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    May 7,Wang Yudong to Lu Kun Tianhong Chuangu Project for research,View the product sales of the park、Supporting infrastructure、Industry introduction, etc.。Wang Yudong said,Lu Kun Tianhong Company must give full play to the advantages and location advantages of the park,Selected some products for investment operation,Attract high -end talents and high -quality enterprises to enhance asset value,To further improve consciousness、Breakthrough restraint、firm confidence,Create multi -level、A distinctive service system,Really let the enterprise entering the park introduce、Tie the root、Live well,Keep the long -term competitiveness of the park。
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    May 7,Wang Yudong went to Qi Yan Cultural Travel bet365 live casino appCompany China Post Project research,Deeper into the Joy Mansion Project、China Post · Quancheng Chinese Food and Cultural Town Project on -site inspection and listen to the relevant reports。Wang Yudong said,The Yueyue Mansion project should be under the premise of ensuring safety production,Accelerate construction progress,Strengthening marketing promotion,Precise reserve home purchase customers,Strive to open the project as soon as possible; the Chinese Yixi Town project should actively find operating partners,Increase investment in investment,Rich town business,Multiple measures and activate the small town。
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    May 8,Wang Yudong from the project for research,View the Malan Bay Project、Sea House Project、Shahu Project、US, China and the United States Project,Comprehensively understand the project planning and construction at the site of the marine art town project。Wang Yudong said,Ocean Art Town Project projects should accelerate the implementation of the group's decision -making bet365 slotsopinions on the activation plan,From integrating external resources、Docking local governments、Internal and external collaborative work ideas,Accelerate the activation of the project with the most powerful measures。
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    During the survey,Wang Yudong and Qihe County、Rongcheng City、The local government where Weihai City and other projects are located conduct in -depth exchanges,Discussion plan around the project,Discuss future cooperation path,A new chapter of the development of government and enterprises。
    Responsible comrades of asset operation groups and related ownership companies accompanied the research。