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Provincial state -owned state -owned state -owned bet365 login gamesBet365 loginenterprise celebrating the "hot youth" deeds on May 4th Youth Day was held at Shandong Land Group

Release time:2024-05-06

    "咚——" Shake the bell hanging on the wall,A letter immediately "delivered" from the mailbox。"The enthusiasm of youth is like a hot sun,Shining the road we move forward "" May you have unswerving beliefs,There is also the courage to be gentle as early as the beginning "... A sentence youth send it to every young man who attended the present。The young people take out the type of fire in the envelope,Light the torch of youth,Opening the curtain of the provincial state -owned state -owned state -owned enterprise to celebrate the May Fourth Youth Day "Hot Youth" deeds。
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    In the afternoon of April 26,Director of the Provincial Party Committee of the League,Hosted by the Communist Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC,The provincial state -owned state -owned enterprise in Shandong Land Youth League Committee celebrates the "hot youth" deeds of the May Fourth Youth Festival.。Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China,bet365 slotsMember of bet365 live casino appthe Party Committee of the Provincial SASAC、Deputy Director,First -level inspector Yin Gang,Secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Land Group、Chairman Li Bo attended the event。
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    Will on the way,Watching the special film "Our Twenty -Four Owers"。Li Bo expressed his sincere welcome to the youth of the provincial enterprise group members present in his speech,and briefly introduced the work of the Communist Youth League and Youth of Shandong Land in recent years。Provincial Agricultural Credit Cooperative、Huaru Group、Shandong Heavy Industry、Shandong High Speed ​​and other 4 "green" brand representatives conducted deeds sharing,Shandong Gold、Shandong Health、Shandong Airport、Shandong Energy and other 4 companies have displayed youth style,Vividly interpreted the creation of youth positions in the new era、The spiritual quality of the dedication,shows the fruitful results of the provincial state -owned state -owned state -owned enterprise "Green" brand Live Casino bet365construction。bet365 login gamesSubsequent,Li Bo awarded a letter of employment for the members of the provincial enterprise youth lecturer group,Midsummer、Yin Gang jointly awarded the flag for the representative of the provincial enterprise youth commando。
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    Yin Gang proposed four hopes to the youth of the majority of members on behalf of the Provincial State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Party Committee。To build an ideal base in youth,Persist in using Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to arm the brain,Maintain trust in the party、Belief、Faith; to grasp the duty and mission in the development trend,Perform talents in this post,Create performance in the overall situation,Efforts to devote the reform of state -owned state -owned enterprises with "me of youth"; we must improve ability literacy in the real grasp,Actively participate in youth work activities,Improve the difficulty and get up、courage and skills to overcome difficulties; to always be a spiritual bet365 slotsspirit in bet365 login gamesreform and development,Accurately grasp the opportunities and challenges facing the reform and development of the provincial state -owned assets and state -owned enterprises,Contribute new motivation in promoting the implementation of the goal、Showing a new actions。
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    The responsible comrades of the relevant state -owned enterprises and state -owned enterprises of the provincial and state -owned enterprises participated in the event。